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RIOLIS #1703 Assisi embroidery
Posted on: 2019-02-10

The ancient city in the center of Italy at the slope of Monte Subasio keeps many secrets and traditions. Since ancient times people know about this place. In the Middle Ages, in the XIII century, the construction of a monastery in honor of St. Francis of Assisi began in the city. Famous artist Giotto decorated the walls inside the cathedral with his paintings. According to legend, after the end of construction, one nun copied his frescoes, simplifying plots with primitive lines. And then, in her simple drawings, they created an embroidery with the faces of saints. According to another version, St. Francis brought fabric with Arabic embroidery from the Crusade, and Italian craftswomen tried to repeat the oriental ornaments on the patterns. 
By the way, the name of Assisi embroidery received several centuries later, when people decided to revive the skill of local embroidery. 
The main feature of this type of embroidery is the use of stitches along the perimeter of the pattern. So while the background is filled with stitches, the pattern itself is obtained from a non-sewn space. 
RIOLIS continues to acquaint needlewomen with various techniques. We offer you the needlework kit 1703 Sea Horse. Here, an exquisite turquoise color fills the background, and luxurious sea and floral patterns appear in a result. Stitches frame the contour. Only three colors of Anchor threads are used on the canvas of 18 counts of Aida Zweigart in this work. 
You can arrange the work as a panel and as a table topper - our embroidery women as always could choose. ;) 

Needlework anti-stress kits Embroidery therapy from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2017-03-16
RIOLIS Anti stress therapy Lovely Flower RIOLIS Anti stress therapy Magic Feather  Magic Feather Bird of Luck
The idea
It started with adult coloring books. This simple activity has been reopened. It turned out that it is the best help in the solution of an important problem, which almost every adult confronts - struggling with stress. As you know, you can deal with stress in different ways. Creativity is not only one of the most valuable, but also one of the most effective ways. Checked!
One of the first adult colorings were performed in Zen art style, which itself involves a kind of creative meditation. RIOLIS decided to follow the exact direction. The bases of the designs were formed by Ekaterina Arkhipova who made her sketches in Zen art style.
RIOLIS offers a new version of anti-stress work. Embroiderers try to apply their skills in a new direction, and those who are accustomed to the traditional coloring, can try to discover new sides and highlight sketches with stitches.
Needlework kits Embroidery therapy give you not only the freedom of creativity, but also the opportunity to choose a degree of freedom itself.
Beginners among needlewomen or those who want to fully relax with embroidery will like the ability to make the work in strict accordance with the cover. The kits will suit experienced needlewomen.
The needlework kit contains
For needlewomen new series schemes seem a little bit unusual, as traditionally they help to make the work in accordance with the picture shown on the cover. Notational conventions look unusual and refer to the encyclopedia of stitches, also placed in the booklet. If you decide to bring your own ideas, the lines marked on the canvas will help you. They will serve as a reference point in your work.
The most interesting thing is that regardless of whether you are embroidering according to the scheme or not, the work will turn out unique! While preparing kits for release, we have embroidered it several times, and we can say that it is impossible to practically make the same picture two times.
The needlework kit has as usually all the necessary materials to make a picture as it is on the cover: wool/acrylic yarn Safil, even weaven fabric manufactured in Europe with printed pattern and a suitable needle. In order to create your own version of the designs use beads, rhinestones, buttons and threads from the remnants of other RIOLIS kits!
Enjoy your creativity!

RIOLIS kit #1629 Foxgloves
Posted on: 2017-03-11
RIOLIS Foxgloves
Perhaps, you don’t even know such flower – foxglove. Meanwhile, this plant not only looks effective as an embroidery, but also is very health-giving and exhausting. It was used as a curative in ancient times. Long time the substance, secreted from foxglove, was indispensable for treatment of cardiac failure. 
One more interesting fact is that Vincent Van Gogh had taken this medicine by prescription in his later years. There is a theory that this circumstance influenced artist’s color perception and gave an unusual palette of his paintings to the world.
The size of the embroidery was chosen uncommon for extraordinary flower – 19x90 cm. Design is not standard either. The kit has everything you need to stitch and enframe the work as shown on the cover: two wooden hangers and a detailed explanation of edge processing technology in instruction.
Embroidery is done by several kinds of half-wool threads Safil stitch on black canvas 14 ct Aida Zweigart. Especially, it is mentioned that the work also implies the use of combined stitches. The color chart is shown enlarged on three sheets. Traditionally, needle is also included in the kit.
 RIOLIS Foxgloves RIOLIS Foxgloves RIOLIS Foxgloves



Secret Stitch Along 2017
Posted on: 2017-03-08



Vervaco first Secret Stitch Along 2016 has been a great success with over 1300 participants in more than 25 countries. Therefore Vervaco is organizing a second edition in 2017. The idea behind the Secret Stitch Along is that you buy a kit without knowing which design you are going to make. After  buying the kit you get access to the Secret Stitch Along 2017 Facebook group in which you can share your experiences and ask questions to other participants and the Vervaco designers. Starting from April 21st, Vervaco will share a piece of the pattern weekly in the Secret Stitch Along 2017 Facebook group and via email. The pattern will be released and completed over 10 weeks. When all 10 parts of the pattern are finished, you will have a beautiful counted cross stitch kit.  

What is the Secret Stitch Along 2017 and why participate?
  • Be the first to finish a beautiful Vervaco counted cross stitch kit that will only be released in June 2017.
  • All materials in the kit are absolute top quality: the kit includes DMC yarn and Zweigart fabric.
  • Starting from April 21st, a piece of the pattern will be shared weekly in the Secret Stitch Along 2017 Facebook group and via email. The pattern will be released and completed over 10 weeks.
  • You get access to the Secret Stitch Along 2017 group in which you can share your experiences and ask questions to other participants and the designers
  • Finished measurements of the counted cross stitch kit: ca. 24x35 cm (9,6x14 inch)

You can purchase Secret Stitch Along 2017 here.


There is a special Facebook group where the announcements are to follow.


New RIOLIS catalogue 2017
Posted on: 2017-01-06


Welcome to the new RIOLIS Catalogue 2017. Here you will find a lot of novelties along with the ones you already know.RIOLIS artists are developing amazing designs of the high standards required by the RIOLIS company and every year RIOLIS is striving  to surprise you with something new.

In the beginning of the catalogue (pages marked “Coming in 2017”) there are new kits that will be issued in the beginning of year 2017.



View RIOLIS 2017 catalog ONLINE

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RT-0050 Cross-stitch with poppies and peonies Oriental Bouquet
Posted on: 2016-10-16
According to Feng Shui tradition peonies and poppies are considered to be kings of plants and flowers in the Eastern cultures. It's hard to argue with this idea when you witness the beauty of the cross-stitch kit with a pre-printed background 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet. Keeping such plants in one's house is said to bring well-being in many areas of life. Of course you can't grow peopies or poppies in an apartment, but you can embroider those magnificent flowers to the benefit of your household.
Bright and rich color of poppies associates with passion and love.
By the eastern tradition, which pays immense respect to this flower, peony helps not only find your true romantic love, but also mend complicated relationships between spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters. Sometimes a person feel that precious connection with their loved ones is lost forever. Bright color of these magical flowers like a fiery impulse will help find way to the loved one's heart.
Also Oriental Bouquet cross-stitch kit  holds all the pleasant blessings for girls and brides. Poppies are said to conceive a child. There is a belief in the embroidery community that a girl who starts cross-stitching a poppy picture, will soon be with a child.  In China poppies were symbols of a good wedding and a happy life for newlyweds. So this embroidery can also be used as a great wedding present!
Please note that cross-stitch kit 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet contains a piece of fabric with a pre-printed background. Semi-transparent outline of mountains and the background rows of leaves are already printed on the fabric with manufacturer's own equipment, so RIOLIS guarantees the quality of the print. An embroidery on such a fabric (14 ct Aida Zweigart) appears more volumnous and expressive, though the actual techniques used in the kit are pretty easy: a 3-thread cross-stitch and an ordinary 1-thread stitch. The design uses 17 colors of Anchor-stranded mouline threads (including color blends). A detailed instruction will help with this unusual fabric or explain all the nuances of embroidery to a novice in the needlework world.  


Watch a new film about RIOLIS!
Posted on: 2016-01-18

Vervaco-I Stitch-label
Posted on: 2016-01-17


As a long existing brand Vervaco is convinced that it is necessary to emphasise the quality they deliver. Therefore starting from 2015 year the majority of the kits will contain the Vervaco-I Stitch-label. This label stands for Vervaco quality and is an absolute advantage for their needlework kits.



Which products will carry the Vervaco –label?

  • All cushions (cross stitch, long stitch, latch hook, embroidery cushions, draft stoppers, deco cushions)
  • All rugs and wall-hangings (cross stitch, latch hook)
  • All table cloths, runners and doilies (printed, aida)
  • Prefinished items like towels, potholders, toilet roll paper holders.
  • Counted cross stitch kits with the embroidering hoops
  • Height charts


New RIOLIS catalogue 2016
Posted on: 2015-12-23


Welcome to the new RIOLIS Catalogue 2016.

As usual, you will find some more vivid pictures stitched with wool/acrylic yarn Safil of all your favorite themes – cute animals, flowers and plants that seem to have a real volume. RIOLIS is famous not only for its woolen yarns. The designs with traditional high-quality stranded cotton threads Anchor will also draw your attention for sure.

All novelties are marked “Coming in 2016” that in the first pages of the catalogue. We will have these kits in the first half of 2016.



View RIOLIS 2016 catalog ONLINE

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THE ART OF CROSS STITCH downloadable cross stitch patterns
Posted on: 2015-11-30
THE ART OF CROSS STITCH downloadable patterns are available now.


Coming soon! Cross stitch kit 1549 Owner of the Jungle
Posted on: 2015-11-10


The leopard species is spread around the world wider than any other cat, except of course domestic cats. His soft and powerful paws silently step in savannas of Africa, mountains of the Caucasus and forest in Asia either. Deserts, rocks and the woods - he is home everywhere. A leopard is a natural-born hunter. He has always been respected and feared.



Do you remember Kipling's fairy tale "How the Leopard Got His Spots"? "In the days when everybody started fair" there were only two hunters: the Leopard and the Ethiopian. They hunted giraffes, antelopes and zebras together. And it was a smarter one - a human - who had made the well-known spots on the skin of his colleague with his dark fingers. Thanks to these spots the skin turns into a real camouflage. The color reminds the picturesque spots of light that are making their way through dense foliage of the jungle and helps to become almost invisible in dense thickets.
The leopard is in the Red List. It is a rare case for a brave traveler to meet this dangerous but gorgeous predator today. But all the needlework fans can afford a magnificent exotic pleasure - a leopard embroidery.
The leopard appears on many coats of arms. In heraldry this animal is a symbol of bravery, force, activity and agility. Cross stitch kit 1549 Owner of the Jungle will help you to create with your own hands a house patron and defender. You are working on this design, right? Thank you.

The embroidery is made with Anchor stranded cotton threads on a colored 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. A magnificent skin, rich colors of tropical flora, lights and shadows are transferred by various stitch types: 3-, 2- and 1-strand cross stitch, 3- and 2-strand half cross stitch and a stitch. The fabric is not stitched up completely. The approximate finished size is 30х40 cm.



The RIOLIS new kids height meter – for those who longs for everything bright and interesting and isn't afraid of the sky-high adventures!
Posted on: 2015-05-27



Children grow up so fast. One day your kid can get on a sofa on his own – then get candy from a table – press button of the elevator  – get on a tree branch in a garden… So many discoveries for little fidgets and, of course, their parents!
Higher and Higher! – the RIOLIS new kids height meter – for those who longs for everything bright and interesting and isn't afraid of the sky-high adventures!
Children maybe don't know, but  measuring kids height isn't just the medical procedure. For folks this family ritual is a cause of pride and pleasure. Who knows how possibly height will get this today-85 cm-grown up kid!
Cross stitch kit № 1507 Higher and Higher! will also help you to make small family event more colourful and interesting for your child. What balloon he or she will be able to touche this time? What character to get known to?
The embroidery is crowd with bright, pleasant details and characters. The height meter is embroidered with 3-strand cross stitches of a cotton stranded threads of 24 bright colours. The plot is completed with 1-strand stitches. Its fabric is a white 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas. The size of finished item is 19х90 cm. Also the kit contains LACE and a wooden hanger.
You can decorate the bottom edge of the height meter as it is shown on the cover with tassels made of the remained threads.


NEW! Cross Stitch Kit - Terra Cushion
Posted on: 2015-03-22

Cross stitch kit 1483 Terra Cushion will add an interesting detail to a familiar interior of your home and will bring the spirit of long distance travels and great ancient civilizations.
Did you know that it is believed that the writing of South America’s Incas was exceptional? It looked like multi-coloured geometric patterns. With the help of it, ancient Indians recorded very important things: history of their nation and the story of world’s creation. Fabrics, ceramics and other household items were decorated by beautiful and meaningful inscriptions. New RIOLIS cross stitch kit reproduces Peruvian ornament. Maybe you will embroider your story with it!
Cross stitching is done on large 10 ct Aida Zweigart fabric with Safil wool/acrylic threads of 8 colours. We want to pay your attention that the kit includes fabric for the back side of a cushion and a zipper. This kit contains everything that is needed to create an original cushion with your own hands!


Novelties - Bookmarks from Luca-S
Posted on: 2015-02-24


The company "Luca-S" offers a large number of bookmarks to make their by own hands. Each kit contains all the materials needed for making the model selected. In the kit, you will find detailed instructions for installing the bookmark.


RIOLIS Kit1353 Golden Heart   

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New Lanarte catalogue C29 2015-2016
Posted on: 2015-01-24


Lanarte catalogue C29 2015-2016 is available
This catalogue is a perfect mix of the Lanarte bestsellers and their new creations.
All designs are combined by theme: Romance, Home & Garden, Marjolein Bastin, Culture, Maria van Scharrenburg, Animals and Classic.
The lay-out of the pages has slightly changed: you will find more close-up pictures which makes it easier to see all possible details.
A convenient index table and describing fabric table (now with illustrations!) will help you find all necessary information. Last but not least in this catalogue you will also find Lanarte brand new designs from 2015/1 collection marked by label “new”.



View Lanarte C29 2015-2016 catalogue ONLINE

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New RIOLIS catalogue 2015
Posted on: 2014-11-18


In the catalogue you will see RIOLIS new kits for creation of fashionable accessories - unique jewelry and bags decorated with embroidery. All novelties are marked “Coming in 2015” that in the first pages of the catalogue. We will have these kits in the first half of 2015.



View RIOLIS 2015 catalog ONLINE

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New RTO catalogue IMPRESSION 2014
Posted on: 2014-11-18


RTO "Impression" cross stitch catalogue opens the wonderful word of embroidery: so diverse, vivid, filled with color, feeling and emotions. Thumbing through the pages you will get aesthetic pleasure and embroidering RTO designs you will add creativity into your life!



View RTO IMPRESSION 2014 catalogue ONLINE

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NEW! Cross stitch of castle Alhambra from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2014-10-26


RIOLIS novelty, cross stitched castle Alhambra on the background of majestic Spanish Sierra Nevada Mountains, invites all needlework fans to travel!

It is always right the time to discover new horizons and push the boundaries. Cross stitch kit 1459 Alhambra takes us not only many kilometres away, but also to the different era. To those ages that are written about in the books and dreamed of by many. Then the greatness of man’s handwork was in harmony with nature, the most monumental builder, and with the pride of the spirit.

Alhambra is one of the best preserved medieval Arab castle towns in the Iberian Peninsula. During the time when these Islamic invaders penetrated the sea coasts of Europe, their culture was experiencing an incredible bloom. Reflection of it is still alive within the old walls of this architectural and park ensemble. Water and light creates this inexpressible beauty of the internal space about which recall travellers who visited this place. While working on cross stitch kit of castle Alhambra, remember about masterpieces of art that are kept in it, and your work will acquire new shades.

Embroidery is done with Safil wool/acrylic threads (27 colours); techniques used are cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch. Instructions and detailed chart in full colour will help you to finish the kit. Picture of the castle will be done on white 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. The size of the picture is 50 x 30 cm and whole picture will be covered with stitches. So this kit will be most suitable for those who already have finished some cross stitch projects. We want to pay your attention that a needle is already included in the kit.


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RIOLIS kits 1374 and 1375 - just framed
Posted on: 2014-10-25


New Luca-S Catalogue 2014-2015
Posted on: 2014-10-17


Dear Luca-S Fans! New Luca-S catalog 2014-2015 is available now!

On the pages of the new Luca-S catalog you will find the entire collection of their products. Here Luca-S presents all new designs of embroidery, postcards and bookmarks.

Luca's would like to especially emphasize the new collection of embroidery kits with religious themes. These kits are completed with "Zweigart" canvas, "Anchor" threads, "Madeira" metallic threads, and "Swarovski" crystals. We are looking forward your comments and suggestions.



View Luca-S 2014-2015 catalog ONLINE

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NEW! Cross stitch kit from RIOLIS for beginners Clover
Posted on: 2014-10-16


Cross stitch kit for beginners Clover HB152 from the line Happy Bee continues the theme of summer flowers’ novelties and will appear on the new RIOLIS catalogue.


RIOLIS Clove HB152

Cross stitch kit HB152 Clover is ideal for those who want to learn how to create something interesting by their own hands. Easy to stitch picture is most suitable for this purpose. Flower Clover which is simple to make and brings good luck will give you energy for the realization of your plans.

This cross stitch kit can be offered as a basis for creative projects at schools. Traditionally, carefully designed and a simple colour scheme of embroidery will help children. The kit includes everything you need which is also very useful for beginners. Embroidery is done on high quality white 10ct Zweigart Aida with quite large cells. The kit also includes wool/acrylic Safil threads of 7 colours and needle. The size of finished kit is small - only 13 x 16 cm.

Cross stitch kit Clover will help children and all who wish to join the world of crafts.


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RIOLIS customer`s exhibition in Lithuania
Posted on: 2014-10-13


One of RIOLIS regular customers in Lithuania, Janina Kondrotiene, took up cross stitching 3 years ago when she retired. In these years she has stitched over 30 pictures!



Janina and her daughters decided that this impressive collection had to be seen by more people than their family and friends. So they opened an exhibition of all her works. We were impressed by both quality and quantity of Janina`s work. All the pictures are perfectly embroidered.



However, the most interesting part of her huge work is the story behind every picture – 788 Carmen was stitched for her daughter, 1144 Elephants in the Savannah found its place in her grandson’s room and 1077 was a perfect gift for her son in law.



Janina is a lovely and sincere woman who put her soul into every embroidery. It was an exhibition that gladdened our hearts.



It is said that people are young while they are creating. So we wish Janina not to stop creating, stitching and making people around her happy.


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Gentle Lilac
Posted on: 2014-09-21


Have lilacs already faded in your garden? Or do you longingly wait for the weekend when you will go to the country and feel its spicy scent?

Picture, created in art department of RIOLIS and embodied into detailed cross stitch chart, only starts blooming. Novelty of summer 2014 – needlework kit 1447 Gentle Lilac .

With help of 19 colours of Anchor stranded threads on grey 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric you can collect this fluffy bouquet. Note how different embroidery techniques help to transfer volume and texture of branches of lilacs. Detailed instructions will explain how to make your picture lively and even seem fragrant. Your embroidery skills in cross stitch, half stitch, stitch, ability to make loops and French knots will help you to reveal once again the beauty of these blossoms.

The size of the finished picture is 24 x 30 cm. Traditionally, the kit includes the needle.



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Novelty of 2014 - Andalusian character
Posted on: 2014-09-18

Cross stitch kit 1451 Andalusian character is dedicated to current year 2014 which is the year of the horse. Why this Spanish breed of horses was chosen as a model for  RIOLIS novelty?

Andalusian character means Southern temper, enthusiasm, fire and also generosity, traditions and charm of a legend. This breed is well known for its beauty and elegance of gait which looks spectacular on ceremonial parades and sport performances.

New needlework kit just recently went on sale, but we have already received positive feedback from our loyal customers who has noted successfully developed chart. Our designers made the famous Spanish lush breed look as live. Thank you for all your kind words!

Embroidery is done with 2- and 3-strand cross-stitches and 1-strand stitch. 23 colours of Anchor cotton stranded threads are belonging to almost one monochrome but very intense spectrum (from pure white to coal black). They create voluminous and embossed figure. It is particularly clear on the black background of canvas 14 ct Aida Zweigart. Result of the work will be 30 x 45 cm picture. This needlework kit, as all other RIOLIS kits, includes a needle.

RIOLIS hopes that this horse will bring a lot of joy, festive mood and energy to your home!



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Blue Lagoon
Posted on: 2014-09-01




Needlewomen always have a lot of ideas how to transform, refresh or make more beautiful the world around them. Active creative person will never miss the opportunity to take the matter of creation of one’s own unique image into their own hands. Ready decisions are too ordinary and boring!

RIOLIS shares and supports needlewomen in their finest aspirations and introduces to the most demanding ones our new kit Blue Lagoon.

Following the instructions of kit 1422 AC Blue Lagoon, you can make an unusual piece of jewelry by your own hands – gently blue necklace. The necklace is made of soft, passing one another waves of blue and white soutache and entangling translucent and white beads, reminding of sea pearls.

It is time for marine fantasies and fresh outfit!

The size of decorative element of the necklace is 16 x 8 cm. The kit includes chart in full color, 2 kinds of soutache tape, 5 kinds of beads, metal fittings, ribbon, felt and a needle. To finish the kit you will also need blue thread no. 40, pliers, glue, thimble and scissors.


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Lanarte - New Colours In Logo and New Packaging
Posted on: 2014-08-27


New logo: back to the roots

“LanArte”, the Art of Stitching! “Lana” stands for “wool” in Italian, and “Arte” for “art”. It all started  80 years ago with a design, some woollen threads and a piece of embroidering fabric. These “secret” ingredients were beautifully translated into an embroidery kit that one day would become a stitched piece of art.


New brand colours
The sale of the company to the Belgian Verachtert group in 2011 has changed the Dutch identity of the brand which has become a combination of two countries. Chocolate brown refers to the luxury of the Belgian chocolates. Orange has been for ages the colour of The Netherlands.



New packaging
Starting from this collection all new designs will be packed in chocolate brown boxes. All kit contents are carefully packed in silk orange paper. It is not just a packaging but an introduction to the amazing world of craft.



Eastern Tale
Posted on: 2014-08-20



Prepare a place in your jewelry box for the new accessories! RIOLIS continues to please craftswomen with new kits to create jewelry and introduces the opportunity to take the matters of creating your unique image in your own skillful hands. Weightless fabric with fancy ornaments, small embroidered shoes easily carrying the hostess, patterns of henna, rich aromas, sweet flavors are the temptations of Eastern Fairytale. Indispensable part of mysterious Oriental beauty image is bright and eye-catching jewelry which seems to have concentrated all spirit of the outfit.
Colorful beads shimmering in different colors is the main accent of the jewelry set “Eastern Tale”. It will complement and favorably match any –  even brightest summer – outfit of its owner.  Bright beads and ribbon, holding the necklace adds freshness and lightness. Soutache tape – of course – is golden. Golden is the color of wealth, luxury and aristocratic delicacy.
Discover new horizons of your image together with a new kit for creation a set of necklace and earrings 1412 AC Eastern Tale!

The size of finished decorative element is 8 x 6 cm and clips – 2 x 3,5 cm. The kit includes: chart in full color, soutache tape, 6 kinds of beads, metal fittings, ribbon, felt and needle. To make the accessories, you will also need yellow thread No. 40, pliers, glue, thimble and scissors.


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Bouquet of Roses
Posted on: 2014-02-23


The great French impressionist Pierre-August Renoir made the history as a unique portraitist. However, from under the Renoir’s brush also came out bright and distinctive paintings of still life, landscapes, and… flowers. Rich, thick brushstrokes, a riot of colors, a riot of a life itself – this is how we can describe the bouquets painted by impressionists.

RIOLIS offers you to stitch your own masterpiece, created after this great artist’s painting Bouquet of Roses.

GSRC1402 Bouquet of Roses
is done by counted cross stitch technique with wool/acrylic and Anchor stranded cotton threads.


Bouquet of Roses


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Great Ideas using Cross Stitch kits from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2013-11-23






New Canvas in the RIOLIS Premium Kit!
Posted on: 2013-11-14


 Aida-Star is new canvas used in RIOLIS designs. Holographic thread is woven into the fabric which has glimmering shine and gives the work a festive look. It is an ideal choice for a winter picture from RIOLIS Premium line!

This canvas is used in a picture GSRP0041 Christmas Eve. Size of the finished work is 45 x 35 cm. This kit includes Zweigart 14 ct Aida-Star fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads, metallic thread, and beads; additionally, it is packed in a beautiful gift wrapping. Isn’t it a perfect gift for winter holidays?



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Magical Animals
Posted on: 2013-11-13


There are many mythical animals created by human imagination and among them unicorn stands out for its magical beauty. Company RIOLIS offers to dive into fairytale together with a new kit GSRB-0024 Unicorn. The work is done in partial embroidery style: magical forest (background) is already printed on canvas and only the animal is embroidered. Framing size of the finished picture is 30 x 40 cm. Kit is supplemented with metallic thread and beads that only emphasize the grace and magical essence of this mysterious animal!



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LANARTE Novelties Autumn 2013
Posted on: 2013-09-05


Please go to NEW to review the cross stitch kits.

22 wonderful designs are featured in Lanarte brand new collection; each of them is a unique piece and each of them has its own story to tell. Hereunder Lanarte have put together a short summary of some of the highlights:

  • It is impossible to imagine Lanarte without the magnificent works of  Marjolein Bastin and  this time Lanarte presents you 4 new amazing floral designs in her unique style.
  • Furthermore Lanarte is delighted to present you the full series of “The  4 Elements” by Maria van Scharrenburg: “Water” (launched in Lanarte previous collection) “Earth”, “Air” and “Fire”.
  • You will surely recognize Lanarte style in the new works of the romantic women and the great cultural portraits.
  • Last but not least we have prepared a surprise for Lanarte fans: 4 charming little dogs embroidered in petit point technique!

You can download the Lanarte Catalog Autumn 2013 here
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Summer landscape “Flower Arbor” from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2013-08-30


A new summer landscape Floral Bowler” from RIOLIS - kit 1383 will not leave many indifferent. The work on this picture is as interesting as the design itself. Usage of various techniques of embroidery gives the picture a special charm and many shades of the threads allow emphasizing the naturalness.



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New cushion for kids from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2013-08-22


According to the Eastern calendar, year 2014 is a year of White Horse. Company RIOLIS has a novelty to help you to prepare for this special occasion – kit 1380 “Goldrinn Horse”. The cushion is stitched with 3 woolen/acrylic threads on 10 count Zweigart Aida canvas. The size of a finished work is 30 x 30 cm, so you will definitely be able to finish it before the winter holidays. Make a cushion as a present to your closest people or leave it to yourself, so it brings you happiness and success all year long!


RIOLIS Kit1358 Valley of Fairytale  

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RIOLIS Premium - 100/028
Posted on: 2013-08-11


This July in Hungary 13th national cross-stitch exhibition took place. It is not only a wonderful event to cross-stitch lovers to see the newest and best designs from different manufacturers, but also a competition.
We are very proud to announce that the winner of this year’s annual Hungarian cross-stitch competition was RIOLIS Premium cross sticth kit 100/028.


RIOLIS Kit1358 Valley of Fairytale  


Day of an Angel
Posted on: 2013-08-10


According to the Eastern calendar, year 2014 is a year of White Horse. Company RIOLIS has a novelty to help you to prepare for this special occasion – kit 1380 “Goldrinn Horse”. The cushion is stitched with 3 woolen/acrylic threads on 10 count Zweigart Aida canvas. The size of a finished work is 30 x 30 cm, so you will definitely be able to finish it before the winter holidays. Make a cushion as a present to your closest people or leave it to yourself, so it brings you happiness and success all year long!


RIOLIS Kit1358 Valley of Fairytale  

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RIOLIS - Fairytale motives
Posted on: 2013-08-04

While creating the new designs 1358 “Valley of Fairytale” and 1359 “Meadow of Fairytale”, designer Elena Kolmakova found inspiration in the patchwork technique which makes the finished pictures look like woven of different materials and patterns and filled with bright colours.

The design is made with woollen/acrylic threads on 10 ct Zweigart Aida canvas. He size of finished work is 40 x 30 cm.


RIOLIS Kit1358 Valley of Fairytale   RIOLIS Kit 1359 Meadow of Fairytale

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RIOLIS - Season of the novelties!
Posted on: 2013-08-03


If you want to please your family and loved ones, our new designs GSRC1353 “Golden Heart” and GSRC1354 “Tender Heart” will be a great gift! These works can be originally adjusted in a small frame or decorate a card.
These kits include not only 14 ct Zweigart Aida canvas, Anchor stranded cotton threads and Czech glass beads, but also coloured metallic threads Reflecta that will give the finished work special shine and festive look.


RIOLIS Kit1353 Golden Heart   RIOLIS Kit 1354 Tender Heart

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Product Reviews
Posted on: 2013-08-01


Now if you would like you may leave a review under any product presented on website.
We value your feedback about products .  We are really passionate about our product and hope to hear from you what you think about it.

If you wish to leave a review please find the link "Write Review" under each product on a product discription page. Thank you in advance.


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Original ideas from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2013-07-15


While everybody is enjoying a warm summer weather and light clothing, crafty people keep busy.. Fantasy, skill and a chart from RIOLIS cross-stitch kit allows you to create unique and beautiful things. This original dress was created by Aleksandra from Moscow. This dress was stitched according to a chart of kit RIOLIS Premium 100/015 "Bouquet of Sweet Peas".

RIOLIS Bouquet of Sweet Peas RIOLIS Bouquet of Sweet Peas RIOLIS Bouquet of Sweet Peas


Lanarte catalogue 2013-2014
Posted on: 2013-06-26


Lanarte latest embroidery catalogue offers you a summary of Lanarte’s latest and classical Embroidery designs. The full-colour catalogue includes pages with wonderful embroidery images. The designs are arranged in categories, so that you can find desired image easily.

With more than 50 new articles, are Lanarte themes largely renewed! When designing an embroidery kit, Lanarte do this with care and a skilful eye for details, so to bring the design to life. The design takes on form in your hands and as you progress, you will find an artwork which you can justifiably be proud.

Turn the pages of Lanarte new catalogue, enjoy the designs and let yourself be inspired. Whichever design you choose, our beautiful embroidery creation will give you many hours of enjoyment. For Lanarte whole collection, visit our online catalogue here.




New RTO Catalogue 2013
Posted on: 2013-04-20


We are delighted to present you new RTO cross-stitch catalogue 2013.
You will be surprised to discover more than 200 new designs in RTO catalogue 2013.

RTO presents classics of world art, beautiful cities, rural landscapes, seasons, stylish fragmentary compositions highlighting the beauty of natural forms, charm of shabby chic, still life, animalistic and fantasy designs. RTO introduces new collections of bright and funny sets for children which can become a funny game with small decorative items and toys giving room for individual creativity.

You will enjoy your favorite series with new bouquets and flower arrangements. The most remarkable among them are the designs imitating watercolor painting. RTO has expanded the series of postcard embroidery kits with passé partout as they are always demanded. For those who prefer smaller designs we prepared new miniature kits with cute dogs and cats, funny birds and beautiful flowers. Gorgeous bright series of simple designs for beginners will bring joy and smiles to adults and children.

This year RTO has enlarged types of needlework fabrics in RTO cross-stitch kits and now we use Zweigart: Aida14, Aida16, Aida18, Belfast, and Lugana.

Under each design in the catalogue RTO indicates the type of needlework fabric included in the kit. In the glossary/index in the end of the catalogue you will find availability of each design during 2013.





Video about RIOLIS
Posted on: 2013-03-29


Video about RIOLIS – their main office in Moscow, a new factory and a detailed explanation about RIOLIS product lines.



New Luca-S Catalogue 2012-2013!
Posted on: 2013-02-17



We would like to announce about new issue of Luca-S catalogue 2012-2013.
If you wish to instant download the catalogue in PDF format please simply click on the following link: Luca-S_Catalogue_En_2013.pdf (27 Mb)



New RIOLIS Catalogue №4!
Posted on: 2013-02-16


We are glad to announce about new issue of RTO catalogue 2013. It includes a rich collection of RIOLIS newest and most popular designs.
If you wish to instant download the catalogue in PDF format please simply click on the following link: RIOLIS_Catalogue_En_2013.pdf (59.9 Mb)



New kit 'In the Sunset' from RIOLIS Premium Collection
Posted on: 2013-02-16


Sea in the rays of rising sun is marvelous and flickering reflections of the waves shimmer as gold… And suddenly in the tranquility of the water burst the most graceful creatures of the nature – wonderful horses. New cross – stitch kit GSRP0038 RIOLIS Premium “In the Sunset” will not leave anyone indifferent as in an embroidered picture is imprinted a moment of unique beauty of nature.


RIOLIS PREMIUM - In the Sunset



New kit 'Scarlet poppies' from RIOLIS Premium Collection
Posted on: 2013-01-14


Poppy is a fragile and short-lived flower. We admire its modest beauty in life, art and photos, even though there are more beautiful, delicate and luxurious flowers. A cross stitch kit RIOLIS Premium GSRP0037 “Scarlet poppies” will allow creating your own field of poppies. The picture is made with Anchor stranded cotton threads, decorated with glass beads and accented with silver thread, will be a marvellous addition to any interior.




'Delicious' pictures for kitchen
Posted on: 2013-01-13


Kitchen is usually the most important place at home. It is the place where most often all the family gathers together not only to prepare food but also to talk to each other in cosy atmosphere. First step to making your kitchen perfect is the choice of comfortable and functional furniture and equipment. However, it is only half of the job because it is necessary to add stylish accessories to the interior.

What is the best way to create a harmonious interior in the kitchen for crafty housewives? Embroidery, of course! It can be embroidered towels, fine tablecloths, lovely pot holders or pictures. We want to pay your attention to new RIOLIS cross stitch kits 1304 “Still Life with Pepper” and 1303 “Still Life with Cheese”. “Tasty” themes that are perfectly suited for the kitchen, bright colours, easy to follow chart and qualitative materials guarantee an excellent result.
Decorate your kitchen with these beautiful new designs or give it as a present to a loved one!


GSRC1303 GSRC1304
GSRC1303 GSRC1303



Woolen/Acrylic Threads from RIOLIS are available now
Posted on: 2012-10-24


We glad to announce that Woolen/Acrylic Threads from RIOLIS are available now.


Most of Cross Stitch Kits created by RIOLIS contain woolen/acrylic threads.
Woolen/acrylic threads are very smooth to the touch. It is easy to stitch even if you are inexperienced in such kind of handiwork, and stitches lay tight giving soft and matte surface.
The whole palette of dark colors of woolen/acrylic threads is very deep and saturated. So there are some designs like animals, landscapes which look more attractive, vivid and very close to the original.
Woolen/acrylic threads as opposed to stranded cotton perfectly suits for working on 11 and below count fabric, so weak sight people as well as kids can also enjoy cross-stitching.
RIOLIS woolen/acrylic threads are more resistible to abrasion, better preserve the color and less allergenic.


with using

woolen/acrylic threads

with using

stranded cotton threads


The general RIOLIS woolen/Acrylic thread characteristics:

  • Package of 10 skeins by 21.9 yards (20 metrs) each
  • A superior quality, non-divisible wool used primarily for needlepoint, due to its durability and colorfastness
  • The 21.9 yard (20 metrs) skein is available in an extensive range of 153 colors.
  • The optimum compound of 30 % wool and 70 % acrylic gives an effect of volumetric embroidery
  • Easy stitching as with floss
  • Great for stitching on Aida 14 in one thread
  • Hypoallergenic


The novel style of counted cross stitch kits from Russia
Posted on: 2012-08-31


Company RIOLIS presents a collection of a cross-stitch kits for beginners and children - Happy Bee


Cross-stitch kits Happy Bee are a great choice for Craft lessons at school as it is known that stitching:
  • Contributes to the development of artistic skills and creative thinking;
  • Helps to develop motor skills and perseverance;
  • Benefits the development of child's nervous system;
  • Gives positive emotions and sense of achievement.

Happy Bee kits offer you:

  • Affordable price;
  • Funny designs that are attractive to children;
  • Colour chart which makes stitching easy even for children;
  • Every kit contains the high quality materials that are needed to finish the picture: Zweigart Aida 14ct canvas, colour chart, woolen or mouline threads and a needle with a blunt end;
  • Instructions of 6 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.


Please go to COMING SOON to review the Happy Bee cross stitch kits.



The RIOLIS Company began replacing canvas
Posted on: 2012-07-23


The RIOLIS Company began replacing canvas in new and already released cross-stitch kits to the highest quality canvas, produced by well-known German company Zweigart. The canvas were designed by Zweigart specialists for RIOLIS kits, taking into account features of embroidery using both a woollen-acrylic thread and cotton mouline.


RIOLIS is planning to finish the replacement until the end of 2013 and is sure that you will have the biggest pleasure stitching on this top rated canvas.



RIOLIS Novelties May 2012
Posted on: 2012-05-11


New RIOLIS cross stitch kits are arrived.
Please go to NEW to review the cross stitch kits.
You will find new awesome cross stitch designs.

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New RIOLIS Catalogue №3!
Posted on: 2012-05-06


We would like to announce about new issue of catalogue 2012 №3. It includes a rich collection of RIOLIS newest and most popular designs.


RIOLIS new catalogue offers 434 cross-stitch and bead embroidery kits, including 6 new RIOLIS Premium cross stitch kits, more than 70 new "Create It Yourself" (Sotvory Sama) cross-stitch, bead embroidery and cross stitch kits with pre-printed background! Rich coloured catalogue contains 128 pages filled with beautiful designs.
If you wish to instant download the catalogue in PDF format please simply click on the following link: RIOLIS_Catalogue_En_2012.pdf (10 Mb)



RIOLIS Novelties February 2012
Posted on: 2012-02-16


New RIOLIS cross stitch kits are arrived.
You will find new awesome cross stitch designs.



RIOLIS Novelties November 2011
Posted on: 2011-11-29


New RIOLIS cross stitch kits are arrived.
You will find new awesome cross stitch designs.



ALISENA Cross Stitch Kits are available now
Posted on: 2011-11-04


ALISENA Cross Stitch Kits are available for buying now.



ALISENA is the new successfully developing company in Ukraine. The company is the manufacturer of craft kits such as cross stitch kits and bead embroidery kits.


Each design passes through a plenty of stages of checking before release of the kits. Schemes for embroidery are studied by professional designers then each design go through a few stages of embroidering and redesign.


Alisena uses onlly qualitative materials to complete their kits such as fabric Zweigart (Germany) and threads Anchor (England), threads DMC (France) and threads Kreinik (USA).


Each kit includes;

  • threads sorted in skeins (Anchor / DMC / Kreinik);
  • special embroidery needle;
  • Aida fabric or Evenvawe or Linen (Zweigart);
  • full-color chart with symbols for simplification of work;
  • step-by-step instruction in English;
  • colour front sheet in English and Russian.



RIOLIS Novelties September 2011
Posted on: 2011-09-19


New RIOLIS cross stitch kits are arrived.
You will find new awesome cross stitch designs.




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