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NEW! Cross stitch kit from RIOLIS for beginners Clover
Posted on: 2014-10-16


Cross stitch kit for beginners Clover HB152 from the line Happy Bee continues the theme of summer flowers’ novelties and will appear on the new RIOLIS catalogue.


RIOLIS Clove HB152

Cross stitch kit HB152 Clover is ideal for those who want to learn how to create something interesting by their own hands. Easy to stitch picture is most suitable for this purpose. Flower Clover which is simple to make and brings good luck will give you energy for the realization of your plans.

This cross stitch kit can be offered as a basis for creative projects at schools. Traditionally, carefully designed and a simple colour scheme of embroidery will help children. The kit includes everything you need which is also very useful for beginners. Embroidery is done on high quality white 10ct Zweigart Aida with quite large cells. The kit also includes wool/acrylic Safil threads of 7 colours and needle. The size of finished kit is small - only 13 x 16 cm.

Cross stitch kit Clover will help children and all who wish to join the world of crafts.


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RIOLIS customer`s exhibition in Lithuania
Posted on: 2014-10-13


One of RIOLIS regular customers in Lithuania, Janina Kondrotiene, took up cross stitching 3 years ago when she retired. In these years she has stitched over 30 pictures!



Janina and her daughters decided that this impressive collection had to be seen by more people than their family and friends. So they opened an exhibition of all her works. We were impressed by both quality and quantity of Janina`s work. All the pictures are perfectly embroidered.



However, the most interesting part of her huge work is the story behind every picture – 788 Carmen was stitched for her daughter, 1144 Elephants in the Savannah found its place in her grandson’s room and 1077 was a perfect gift for her son in law.



Janina is a lovely and sincere woman who put her soul into every embroidery. It was an exhibition that gladdened our hearts.



It is said that people are young while they are creating. So we wish Janina not to stop creating, stitching and making people around her happy.


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Gentle Lilac
Posted on: 2014-09-21


Have lilacs already faded in your garden? Or do you longingly wait for the weekend when you will go to the country and feel its spicy scent?

Picture, created in art department of RIOLIS and embodied into detailed cross stitch chart, only starts blooming. Novelty of summer 2014 – needlework kit 1447 Gentle Lilac .

With help of 19 colours of Anchor stranded threads on grey 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric you can collect this fluffy bouquet. Note how different embroidery techniques help to transfer volume and texture of branches of lilacs. Detailed instructions will explain how to make your picture lively and even seem fragrant. Your embroidery skills in cross stitch, half stitch, stitch, ability to make loops and French knots will help you to reveal once again the beauty of these blossoms.

The size of the finished picture is 24 x 30 cm. Traditionally, the kit includes the needle.



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Novelty of 2014 - Andalusian character
Posted on: 2014-09-18

Cross stitch kit 1451 Andalusian character is dedicated to current year 2014 which is the year of the horse. Why this Spanish breed of horses was chosen as a model for  RIOLIS novelty?

Andalusian character means Southern temper, enthusiasm, fire and also generosity, traditions and charm of a legend. This breed is well known for its beauty and elegance of gait which looks spectacular on ceremonial parades and sport performances.

New needlework kit just recently went on sale, but we have already received positive feedback from our loyal customers who has noted successfully developed chart. Our designers made the famous Spanish lush breed look as live. Thank you for all your kind words!

Embroidery is done with 2- and 3-strand cross-stitches and 1-strand stitch. 23 colours of Anchor cotton stranded threads are belonging to almost one monochrome but very intense spectrum (from pure white to coal black). They create voluminous and embossed figure. It is particularly clear on the black background of canvas 14 ct Aida Zweigart. Result of the work will be 30 x 45 cm picture. This needlework kit, as all other RIOLIS kits, includes a needle.

RIOLIS hopes that this horse will bring a lot of joy, festive mood and energy to your home!



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Blue Lagoon
Posted on: 2014-09-01




Needlewomen always have a lot of ideas how to transform, refresh or make more beautiful the world around them. Active creative person will never miss the opportunity to take the matter of creation of one’s own unique image into their own hands. Ready decisions are too ordinary and boring!

RIOLIS shares and supports needlewomen in their finest aspirations and introduces to the most demanding ones our new kit Blue Lagoon.

Following the instructions of kit 1422 AC Blue Lagoon, you can make an unusual piece of jewelry by your own hands – gently blue necklace. The necklace is made of soft, passing one another waves of blue and white soutache and entangling translucent and white beads, reminding of sea pearls.

It is time for marine fantasies and fresh outfit!

The size of decorative element of the necklace is 16 x 8 cm. The kit includes chart in full color, 2 kinds of soutache tape, 5 kinds of beads, metal fittings, ribbon, felt and a needle. To finish the kit you will also need blue thread no. 40, pliers, glue, thimble and scissors.


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Lanarte - New Colours In Logo and New Packaging
Posted on: 2014-08-27


New logo: back to the roots

“LanArte”, the Art of Stitching! “Lana” stands for “wool” in Italian, and “Arte” for “art”. It all started  80 years ago with a design, some woollen threads and a piece of embroidering fabric. These “secret” ingredients were beautifully translated into an embroidery kit that one day would become a stitched piece of art.


New brand colours
The sale of the company to the Belgian Verachtert group in 2011 has changed the Dutch identity of the brand which has become a combination of two countries. Chocolate brown refers to the luxury of the Belgian chocolates. Orange has been for ages the colour of The Netherlands.



New packaging
Starting from this collection all new designs will be packed in chocolate brown boxes. All kit contents are carefully packed in silk orange paper. It is not just a packaging but an introduction to the amazing world of craft.



Eastern Tale
Posted on: 2014-08-20



Prepare a place in your jewelry box for the new accessories! RIOLIS continues to please craftswomen with new kits to create jewelry and introduces the opportunity to take the matters of creating your unique image in your own skillful hands. Weightless fabric with fancy ornaments, small embroidered shoes easily carrying the hostess, patterns of henna, rich aromas, sweet flavors are the temptations of Eastern Fairytale. Indispensable part of mysterious Oriental beauty image is bright and eye-catching jewelry which seems to have concentrated all spirit of the outfit.
Colorful beads shimmering in different colors is the main accent of the jewelry set “Eastern Tale”. It will complement and favorably match any –  even brightest summer – outfit of its owner.  Bright beads and ribbon, holding the necklace adds freshness and lightness. Soutache tape – of course – is golden. Golden is the color of wealth, luxury and aristocratic delicacy.
Discover new horizons of your image together with a new kit for creation a set of necklace and earrings 1412 AC Eastern Tale!

The size of finished decorative element is 8 x 6 cm and clips – 2 x 3,5 cm. The kit includes: chart in full color, soutache tape, 6 kinds of beads, metal fittings, ribbon, felt and needle. To make the accessories, you will also need yellow thread No. 40, pliers, glue, thimble and scissors.


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Bouquet of Roses
Posted on: 2014-02-23


The great French impressionist Pierre-August Renoir made the history as a unique portraitist. However, from under the Renoir’s brush also came out bright and distinctive paintings of still life, landscapes, and… flowers. Rich, thick brushstrokes, a riot of colors, a riot of a life itself – this is how we can describe the bouquets painted by impressionists.

RIOLIS offers you to stitch your own masterpiece, created after this great artist’s painting Bouquet of Roses.

GSRC1402 Bouquet of Roses
is done by counted cross stitch technique with wool/acrylic and Anchor stranded cotton threads.


Bouquet of Roses


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Great Ideas using Cross Stitch kits from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2013-11-23






New Canvas in the RIOLIS Premium Kit!
Posted on: 2013-11-14


 Aida-Star is new canvas used in RIOLIS designs. Holographic thread is woven into the fabric which has glimmering shine and gives the work a festive look. It is an ideal choice for a winter picture from RIOLIS Premium line!

This canvas is used in a picture GSRP0041 Christmas Eve. Size of the finished work is 45 x 35 cm. This kit includes Zweigart 14 ct Aida-Star fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads, metallic thread, and beads; additionally, it is packed in a beautiful gift wrapping. Isn’t it a perfect gift for winter holidays?



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