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Twine Of Irises
Twine Of Irises
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From All My Heart
From All My Heart
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Manufactured by: Luca-S
Product No: GSLSP042
Fabric: Aida Zweigart 18ct White
Threads: Floss Anchor
Chart: Black & White
Technique: Counted Cross Stitch
Size: 5.91" x 3.94" (15 cm x 10 cm)
Instructions: eng, rom, rus

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Product's description:

Handmade cards - this is not only a fascinating hobby, but also an opportunity to please and surprise your loved ones, make a design thing with his hands.

Set for making handmade greeting cards (complete assembly with embroidery) is equipped with high quality materials that are necessary for creativity : cardboard, canvas Aida Zweigart (Germany),  thread floss Anchor, black and white character embroidery scheme, detailed instructions for assembling the cards.

Decorative Materials: ribbon and double-sided tape (to fasten the finished embroidery to the cardboard). A cardboard with a color as the card has to be glued on the reverse side thereby making the revised side looking nice and finished.

Favorite Snacks
Favorite Snacks
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Sea Ride
Sea Ride
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Warm and Soft
Warm and Soft
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Festive Etude
Festive Etude
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Price: $18.48
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