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Vase of Peonies
Vase of Peonies
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Aqua Marking Pen - For Black Fabric
Aqua Marking Pen - For Black Fabric
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Product type: Cross Stitch Kit
Manufactured by: PRYM
Product No: GSP611824


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Fabric Markers

Product's description:

Makes a clear fine white mark, which is easily removed with a damp cloth or rinsed out in cold water. Use this marker to mark designs for embroidery, quilting and stitching on dark and medium colored fabrics.


Felt tip - white ink.


Before using the marker test it on a small piece of cloth. Do not wash or iron fabric until the lines are wiped off as they can become permamnet under heating.

Woman with a Fan
Woman with a Fan
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Rainy Summer
Rainy Summer
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