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Squirrel with Autumn Basket
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New RIOLIS catalogue 2017
Posted on: 2017-01-06


Welcome to the new RIOLIS Catalogue 2017. Here you will find a lot of novelties along with the ones you already know.RIOLIS artists are developing amazing designs of the high standards required by the RIOLIS company and every year RIOLIS is striving  to surprise you with something new.

In the beginning of the catalogue (pages marked “Coming in 2017”) there are new kits that will be issued in the beginning of year 2017.



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RT-0050 Cross-stitch with poppies and peonies Oriental Bouquet
Posted on: 2016-10-16
According to Feng Shui tradition peonies and poppies are considered to be kings of plants and flowers in the Eastern cultures. It's hard to argue with this idea when you witness the beauty of the cross-stitch kit with a pre-printed background 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet. Keeping such plants in one's house is said to bring well-being in many areas of life. Of course you can't grow peopies or poppies in an apartment, but you can embroider those magnificent flowers to the benefit of your household.
Bright and rich color of poppies associates with passion and love.
By the eastern tradition, which pays immense respect to this flower, peony helps not only find your true romantic love, but also mend complicated relationships between spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters. Sometimes a person feel that precious connection with their loved ones is lost forever. Bright color of these magical flowers like a fiery impulse will help find way to the loved one's heart.
Also Oriental Bouquet cross-stitch kit  holds all the pleasant blessings for girls and brides. Poppies are said to conceive a child. There is a belief in the embroidery community that a girl who starts cross-stitching a poppy picture, will soon be with a child.  In China poppies were symbols of a good wedding and a happy life for newlyweds. So this embroidery can also be used as a great wedding present!
Please note that cross-stitch kit 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet contains a piece of fabric with a pre-printed background. Semi-transparent outline of mountains and the background rows of leaves are already printed on the fabric with manufacturer's own equipment, so RIOLIS guarantees the quality of the print. An embroidery on such a fabric (14 ct Aida Zweigart) appears more volumnous and expressive, though the actual techniques used in the kit are pretty easy: a 3-thread cross-stitch and an ordinary 1-thread stitch. The design uses 17 colors of Anchor-stranded mouline threads (including color blends). A detailed instruction will help with this unusual fabric or explain all the nuances of embroidery to a novice in the needlework world.  

Watch a new film about RIOLIS!
Posted on: 2016-01-18

Vervaco-I Stitch-label
Posted on: 2016-01-17


As a long existing brand Vervaco is convinced that it is necessary to emphasise the quality they deliver. Therefore starting from 2015 year the majority of the kits will contain the Vervaco-I Stitch-label. This label stands for Vervaco quality and is an absolute advantage for their needlework kits.



Which products will carry the Vervaco –label?

  • All cushions (cross stitch, long stitch, latch hook, embroidery cushions, draft stoppers, deco cushions)
  • All rugs and wall-hangings (cross stitch, latch hook)
  • All table cloths, runners and doilies (printed, aida)
  • Prefinished items like towels, potholders, toilet roll paper holders.
  • Counted cross stitch kits with the embroidering hoops
  • Height charts


New RIOLIS catalogue 2016
Posted on: 2015-12-23


Welcome to the new RIOLIS Catalogue 2016.

As usual, you will find some more vivid pictures stitched with wool/acrylic yarn Safil of all your favorite themes – cute animals, flowers and plants that seem to have a real volume. RIOLIS is famous not only for its woolen yarns. The designs with traditional high-quality stranded cotton threads Anchor will also draw your attention for sure.

All novelties are marked “Coming in 2016” that in the first pages of the catalogue. We will have these kits in the first half of 2016.



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THE ART OF CROSS STITCH downloadable cross stitch patterns
Posted on: 2015-11-30
THE ART OF CROSS STITCH downloadable patterns are available now.


Coming soon! Cross stitch kit 1549 Owner of the Jungle
Posted on: 2015-11-10


The leopard species is spread around the world wider than any other cat, except of course domestic cats. His soft and powerful paws silently step in savannas of Africa, mountains of the Caucasus and forest in Asia either. Deserts, rocks and the woods - he is home everywhere. A leopard is a natural-born hunter. He has always been respected and feared.



Do you remember Kipling's fairy tale "How the Leopard Got His Spots"? "In the days when everybody started fair" there were only two hunters: the Leopard and the Ethiopian. They hunted giraffes, antelopes and zebras together. And it was a smarter one - a human - who had made the well-known spots on the skin of his colleague with his dark fingers. Thanks to these spots the skin turns into a real camouflage. The color reminds the picturesque spots of light that are making their way through dense foliage of the jungle and helps to become almost invisible in dense thickets.
The leopard is in the Red List. It is a rare case for a brave traveler to meet this dangerous but gorgeous predator today. But all the needlework fans can afford a magnificent exotic pleasure - a leopard embroidery.
The leopard appears on many coats of arms. In heraldry this animal is a symbol of bravery, force, activity and agility. Cross stitch kit 1549 Owner of the Jungle will help you to create with your own hands a house patron and defender. You are working on this design, right? Thank you.

The embroidery is made with Anchor stranded cotton threads on a colored 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. A magnificent skin, rich colors of tropical flora, lights and shadows are transferred by various stitch types: 3-, 2- and 1-strand cross stitch, 3- and 2-strand half cross stitch and a stitch. The fabric is not stitched up completely. The approximate finished size is 30х40 cm.



The RIOLIS new kids height meter – for those who longs for everything bright and interesting and isn't afraid of the sky-high adventures!
Posted on: 2015-05-27



Children grow up so fast. One day your kid can get on a sofa on his own – then get candy from a table – press button of the elevator  – get on a tree branch in a garden… So many discoveries for little fidgets and, of course, their parents!
Higher and Higher! – the RIOLIS new kids height meter – for those who longs for everything bright and interesting and isn't afraid of the sky-high adventures!
Children maybe don't know, but  measuring kids height isn't just the medical procedure. For folks this family ritual is a cause of pride and pleasure. Who knows how possibly height will get this today-85 cm-grown up kid!
Cross stitch kit № 1507 Higher and Higher! will also help you to make small family event more colourful and interesting for your child. What balloon he or she will be able to touche this time? What character to get known to?
The embroidery is crowd with bright, pleasant details and characters. The height meter is embroidered with 3-strand cross stitches of a cotton stranded threads of 24 bright colours. The plot is completed with 1-strand stitches. Its fabric is a white 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas. The size of finished item is 19х90 cm. Also the kit contains LACE and a wooden hanger.
You can decorate the bottom edge of the height meter as it is shown on the cover with tassels made of the remained threads.


NEW! Cross Stitch Kit - Terra Cushion
Posted on: 2015-03-22

Cross stitch kit 1483 Terra Cushion will add an interesting detail to a familiar interior of your home and will bring the spirit of long distance travels and great ancient civilizations.
Did you know that it is believed that the writing of South America’s Incas was exceptional? It looked like multi-coloured geometric patterns. With the help of it, ancient Indians recorded very important things: history of their nation and the story of world’s creation. Fabrics, ceramics and other household items were decorated by beautiful and meaningful inscriptions. New RIOLIS cross stitch kit reproduces Peruvian ornament. Maybe you will embroider your story with it!
Cross stitching is done on large 10 ct Aida Zweigart fabric with Safil wool/acrylic threads of 8 colours. We want to pay your attention that the kit includes fabric for the back side of a cushion and a zipper. This kit contains everything that is needed to create an original cushion with your own hands!


Novelties - Bookmarks from Luca-S
Posted on: 2015-02-24


The company "Luca-S" offers a large number of bookmarks to make their by own hands. Each kit contains all the materials needed for making the model selected. In the kit, you will find detailed instructions for installing the bookmark.


RIOLIS Kit1353 Golden Heart   

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