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Still Life
Still Life
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Tapestry DMC Size 20
Tapestry DMC Size 20
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Product type: Normal Item
Manufactured by: DMC
Product No: GSV1767/5

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Needles - Tapestries

Product's description:

  • Tapestry hand needles is made of premium grade nickel plated steel
  • Easy to use and ideal for cross stitching an needle pointing
  • Long oval eye carries more than the usual number of strands of yarn
  • Blunt rounded end of these tapestry needles slips easily through the holes of canvas or into the weave of fabric
  • Available in size 20 with comes in pack of 6 needle
  • Assembled in England

Good Morning
Good Morning
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Christmas Symbols Card
Christmas Symbols Card
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Baby Foot and Hand
Baby Foot  and Hand
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Price: $26.97
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