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  RIOLIS Company has become a leading manufacturer for craft and hobbies in Russia.

Over the past sixteen years Riolis designers have created hundreds of cross stitch designs, including patterns for children and grownups in a wide variety of colors and motifs such as beautiful landscapes, flowers, amazing animal patterns as well as kits to create table napkins, cushions and many more.

Every RIOLIS kit contains the world's finest needle art designs, threads of the best quality, Zweigart fabrics, a colored chart, numbered sorters, detailed instructions in six languages, and a needle. You can see what inside the kit without opening the package. Ready-to-stitch kits and best quality materials - all of this is RIOLIS!

Riolis unique designs of cross stitch kits are a perfect gift to those who want to make their home look beautiful.

Riolis Premium On Printed Fabric Flowers

"Riolis” is the company which designs and makes kits and charts for embroidery under the trademarks «RIOLIS Premium», «Create It Yourself» and «A Happy Bee». Their assortment also includes beading kits and charts as well as a lot of accompanying goods. Each trade mark has a number of distinctive features.

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  «RIOLIS Premium»

It is a unique series of kits for luxurious embroidery in which artists and designers have embodied their best designs. Besides an original idea, each series work carries a part of human warmth. Kits «RIOLIS Premium» beneficially differ from other similar products and are a fine gift even for experienced and demanding connoisseurs of embroidery.

The RIOLIS premium collection is ideal for people who choose to create real masterpieces with their own hands. Cross-stitching RIOLIS Premium kits will give you a lot of positive emotions, brighten up your winter evenings and will also help to create wonderful decorations for your home.

Distinctive features of the brand are:

  • exclusive designs

  • high quality materials from best EU-based brands: fabric «Zweigart» and threads «Anchor»
  • a plate with thread samples
  • full-colored chart is easy to work with
  • detailed instructions in 6 languages
  • beautiful gift packaging

Every «RIOLIS Premium» kit will grant a joy of creation to every needlewoman. The result will bring a lot of positive emotions and take its rightful place in the collection of needlework masterpieces.

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  «Create It Yourself»

This brand became the starting point in the long history of "Riolis". The largest collection brings together all that has been created by artists since the launch of the company. 

In the kits of Create it Yourself collection you will find famous paintings, embroidered cards, religious pictures, cushions and nice little things for home, landscapes, still life pictures, funny scenes, flowers, animals - in other words, kits for every taste.

Distinctive features of the brand are:

  • variety of embroidery techniques: counted cross stitch, half cros stitch, French knots, satin stitch, embroidery with ribbon and beads, etc.;
  • the use of  either wool yarn or cotton floss
  • an optimal number of colors
  • a choice of kits and patterns with different embroidery techniques: cross stitch, gobelin, satin stitch, embroidery ribbons, Hardanger, Holbein
  • high quality Italian wool/acrylic from the Safil company or Anchor stranded cotton threads
  • Zweigart fabrics in various colors, even canvas with pre-printed background
  • chart in symbols in full-color
  • step-by- step instructions in 6 languages

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Most of Cross Stitch Kits created by RIOLIS contain woolen/acrylic threads. There is a certain reason why they are using woolen/acrylic threads as a basic material for their designs. Back to traditions and know by experience they have made sure in amazing quality of this material. Used a mouline thread Used wool.

As history says, that the first known embroideries were made with woolen threads. Ancient stitched ornaments were considered to protect the house from evil spirits and women also decorated clothes with it.

Woolen/acrylic threads are very smooth to the touch. It is easy to stitch even if you are inexperienced in such kind of handiwork, and stitches lay tight giving soft and matte surface.

Embroidery with woolen/acrylic threads looks more like 3D, than stranded cotton threads.

Different decorative elements with woolen embroidery make your house look stylish and cozy

The whole palette of dark colors of woolen/acrylic threads is very deep and saturated. So there are some designs like animals, landscapes which look more attractive, vivid and very close to the original.

Here you can see the difference between stitching with using woolen/acrylic threads and with using cotton stranded threads:

with using woolen/acrylic threads with using stranded cotton threads

Woolen/acrylic threads as opposed to stranded cotton perfectly suits for working on 11 and below count fabric, so weak sight people as well as kids can also enjoy cross-stitching.

Modern technologies gave an opportunity to improve the quality of wool raw materials adding acryl to woolen yarn. Our woolen/acrylic threads are more resistible to abrasion, better preserve the color and less allergenic.

RIOLIS cross-stitch kits with woolen/acrylic threads are loved very much by Russian embroidery fans. You will love it too!

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