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Lanarte Catalogue 2013 Autumn (Lanarte GSLLCAT1303)

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Lanarte Catalogue 2013 Autumn


22 wonderful designs are featured in Lanarte brand new collection; each of them is a unique piece and each of them has its own story to tell. Hereunder Lanarte have put together a short summary of some of the highlights:

It is impossible to imagine Lanarte without the magnificent works of  Marjolein Bastin and  this time Lanarte presents you 4 new amazing floral designs in her unique style. Furthermore Lanarte is delighted to present you the full series of “The  4 Elements” by Maria van Scharrenburg: “Water” (launched in Lanarte previous collection) “Earth”, “Air” and “Fire”. You will surely recognize Lanarte style in the new works of the romantic women and the great cultural portraits. Last but not least we have prepared a surprise for Lanarte fans: 4 charming little dogs embroidered in petit point technique!

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