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RIOLIS Catalog 2018 Addition

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Riolis 2018 Catalogue addition. - What interesting can you find on the pages?

This special release includes only novelties. You can find a lot of exciting items on 11 pages: traditional cross-stitching, half cross-stitch works, satin stitch, needlework kits with seed beads, glass beads and ribbons.


One of the most popular subject – flower embroidery. Different flowers and plants literally bloom on the fabric. Magnificent kit 1771 Still Life after N. Japaridze’s Painting, innocent 1765 Chamomiles, luxuriant 1773 Bouquet with Asters and pretty addition to the kit 1669 Windowsill with Flowers - 1762 Daffodils On The Windowsill and 1763 Crocuses On The Windowsill.


Old town series of RIOLIS artist Anna Sheveleva is replenished with one more painting – 1705 Early Spring. This needlework kit reflects on lyrical landscapes and looks so cozy, as if this is an illustration to your favorite book.


The long-awaited novelty of the RIOLIS Premium series! Juicy colors of the exquisite still life with bright sunflowers will attract attention. All the splendid harvest riches of the kit 100/057 Sunny Day: pumpkins, plums, grapes and a vase colored as a clear summer sky – look stylish and bold against the backdrop of sunny hues. Every needlewoman will enjoy the pastime and this embroidery will truly take its place as the main decoration of the house.


One more surprise – on the last pages of the catalogue. There you can see our special RIOLIS project Embroidery on clothes. 


Embroidery on clothes is a trend that has become fashionable for several seasons. The popularity of embroidered prints is gaining momentum. You can see cross-stitch in the fashionable women looks, ranging from T-shirts to evening dresses. Every woman desires to stand out and to be unique. RIOLIS proves that embroidery can be not only a beautiful picture on the wall. A little imagination and various designs will make your look inimitable with RIOLIS love to the needlework.



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