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RIOLIS Catalog 2018

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We are pleased to inform you that RIOLIS new catalogue 2018 is already available.

The art of embroidery was and remains the noblest passion for the whole history of humanity! Even cavemen, fastened trimmed skins to create clothes, decorated them with open seams. Today, embroidery conquers world podium! Famous fashion designers offer their admirers clothes and accessories with embroidered patterns in the technique of "counted cross stitch", tuning them into "must haves in the wardrobe" of modern style icons and fashionistas.

A high quality RIOLIS needlework kit was and remains unchanged. Constant research and development allowed to expand the diversity of themes, styles, levels of complexity and techniques. The new catalog includes the whole range of previously produced kits and, of course, long-awaited novelties.

Among them you will see an interesting series with more exotic animals, delicate designs with flowering Japanese cherry blossom, a new metric from RIOLIS for twins or siblings, in whitch you can also embroider the names of children with the difference in age - just add one more date of birth. If you want to create world masterpieces by your own hands, you should choose 1698 Almond Blossom after V.Van Gogh's painting and 1702 Windmill based on painting by C.Pissarro.



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