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RTO Catalog 2016 Emotions Of Colours

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RTO catalogue 2016 Emotions Of Colour - Perfect Product for Hobby, Pleasure and


RTO presents a new collection of embroidery kits - "Emotions of Colour". RTO designers offer original and inventive embroidery works, diverse and unique designs with exclusive embroidery techniques. RTO uses the basic painting principles, special techniques and a rich palette of DMC embroidery thread to create an atmosphere of lightness, airness and transparency. While saving the full intensity of colours, we keep all important details and shades in subtle colour transitions.


A popular watercolour painting technique is presented in Emotion Of Colour catalogue with variety of works. They convey with amazing accuracy the effects of overflowing paint and create the feeling of a live watercolour.


You will discover a magical transformation of DMC threads. Large interior embroidery works shine from within. A combination of threads creates a play of light and enhances the brightness of colours of this decorative embroidery.


For the first part in RTO catalogue, you will find new designs with images printed on canvas, which are full of different kinds of art stitches. The embroidered pieces have a trendy modern look, and it is finished quickly and easily.


New RTO city sketches will be a pleasant reminder of life around you. Fashion trends have many designers turning to nature for new ideas - the new collection is full of mysterious forest landscapes, silhouettes of curved branches, mystic flowers bloom on the cushions.


Embroidered floral designs and landscapes will create a feeling of a warm summer day, peace and tranquillity in your interior. Cuteness of the children's themes and the modest charm of miniatures will add a cosy atmosphere.


Today's trends are the game of contrasts and rich colour combinations.


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