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Vervaco Catalog 2014 Winter
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lief! Vervaco 2014/4 poster


Vervaco are proud to present their first lief! collection by Vervaco!   lief! is not a brand license but a marketing license which gives Vervaco as a licensee lots of opportunities. The lief! concept was developed in the Netherlands by Yvonne Woudstra.  What started as a hobby has grown into a wide-ranging lifestyle brand. In cooperation with various license-holders, lief! has brought products onto the market for young and old, all with a typical Dutch design. Thanks to the variety of the products, lief! has become a real wide-ranging concept, attracting an ever growing target group worldwide.   Vervaco works very closely with the lief! designs what helps to bring over the lief! feeling into the embroidery range. We hope that you will meet this lief! embroidery collection with enthusiasm!

Download: Vervaco Lief_2014-4.pdf (3 Mb)

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