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Moscow - St. Basil's Cathedral
Moscow - St. Basil's Cathedral
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Free Fall
Free Fall

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Manufactured by: RIOLIS
Designed by: Alina Melenteva
Collection: Create It Yourself
Product No: GSRC1471
Fabric: Aida Zweigart 14ct White
Threads: Woollen/Acrylic Yarn Safil
Colors: 28
Chart: Color
Technique: Counted Cross Stitch
Size: 15.75" x 19.75" (40 cm x 50 cm)
Instructions: en, du, fr, ge, sp, it, sw, ru

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Product's description:

The kit contains fabric for the work, thread & thread sorter, a needle for embroidery, an instruction and a chart. Frame is not included.

"You need not ot be frightened lake a rabbit. […] What is finer than flying?" said his eagle.
 Bilbo would have liked to say: "A warm bath and late breakfast on the lawn afterwards;" but he thought it better to say nothing at all.
J. R. R. Tolkien “The Hobbit”
This needlework project will entice those who just like Tolkien’s hero Bilbo love and appreciate the charms of home comfort and peaceful time but at the same time are ready for the adventures.
Eagle is a universal symbol. Just like in ancient myths this bird was the intermediary between the sky, elements of air, fire and earth. Today it connects the cultures of the entire world. Eagle causes similar associations to the people of different nationalities and beliefs: freedom, pride, high spirit, courage and greatness. Therefore, its image is so common in the modern political heraldry. Lion is the king of the beasts and eagle is the king of birds.
This picture is a big embroidery. It is most likely that the work on this kit will be a too difficult test for the beginner. The size of the finished picture is 50 x 40 cm. All this surface of white 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric is covered with stitches of 28 colours of Safil wool/acrylic threads. Texture of the feathers of the wide spread wings looks particularly impressive on the embroidered picture. It is created not only by the shades, but also with different techniques – cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch.
Take a look at everyday problems from the heights of the bird’s flight together with the cross stitch kits from RIOLIS!


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Poppies and Chamomiles
Poppies and Chamomiles
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