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Praying Hands
Praying Hands
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Red Panda
Red Panda

Red Panda
Red Panda
Red Panda

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Manufactured by: RIOLIS
Designed by: Aleksandra Gusarova
Collection: Create It Yourself
Product No: GSRC1627
Fabric: Aida Zweigart 14ct Dark Gray
Threads: Woollen/Acrylic Yarn Safil
Colors: 22
Chart: Color
Technique: Counted Cross Stitch
Size: 11.75" x 8.25" (30 cm x 21 cm)
Instructions: eng, ger, fra, esp, ita, rus

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Product's description:

The kit contains fabric for the work, thread & thread sorter, a needle for embroidery,  an instruction and a chart. Frame is not included.

Surprisingly, not everyone is acquainted with the younger brother of the world's popular big panda. But this little animal is no less interesting and deserves no less fame. RIOLIS proposes to correct this injustice and present an embroidery with the red panda! There is some information about a lesser panda so you could proudly answer what kind of unusual animal you are embroidering. 
This animal is listed in the International Red Book among endamaged species. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these cute creatures. Red pandas are very unusual and, at one time, they put scientists to a dead end when they tried to find their place in the system of biological species. The animals resemble raccoons, bears, foxes and even cats. An interesting fact: there is an opinion that the browser Mozilla Firefox was originally named after red panda.
Although, lesser pandas belong to the carnivore order, but eat mainly bamboo (95% of their diet). So the animal on embroidery is shown enjoying his favorite pastime. In general, these little babies, sized of a cat, are good-natured and it is easy to tame them. But remember that keeping pandas at home is very harmful for them! If you want to take to your home a "fiery fox", it's better to embroider it.
Needlework kit 1627 "Red Panda" will bring you a lot of pleasure. Fiery-red, tropical-juicy green tints on blue-gray 14 Aida Zweigart canvas look spectacular. Special fascinating nuance of the process and the finished result is combined color, consisted of different shades. Woolen/acrilyc yarn Safil will give you pleasant tactile feelings. The structure of these stranded threads makes animal's fur on embroidery look alive. The work with medium sized picture (21x30 cm) will be easy and exciting.


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