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Hairpin Sea Knot

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Product details
Product Code
Designed by
Anastasiya Yanovskaya
Product Type
3.5" x 2.0"
(9 cm x 5 cm)
eng, ger, fra, esp, ita, rus

Product description

The kit contains coloured instructions, soutache tape (2 kind), beads (3 kinds), metal fitments, felt (1 kind), a needle.

In addition you will need: pliers,glue,thimble,scissors.

This time we will master a new genre – accessories from soutache. To be more precise: a hairpin.   The product can be a great addition to an elegant outfit. This accessorie is a beautiful hint of memory of summer joy and holidays.   The design of the soutache hairpin is exquisitely laconic. Only three colours are used: two shades of blue and silver. The rule of three colours in a female outfit is strictly adhered.   Weaving of soutache tape imitates sea knot making technique. It is well known that these knots can be very difficult. But step by step chart and instructions with explanations will help to easily work with a fancy weave of two kinds of soutache tape, three types of beads and stranded cotton threads. Needlework kit includes almost everything to create an accessory from soutache with your own hands. It also includes felt which is a lining for weaving, metal base and a needle. The size of the hairpin is 9 x 5 cm.   Please note that for the work on this accessory you will also need pliers, glue, thimble and scissors!


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