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Majesty II
Majesty II
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Soutache necklace “Eastern Tale”
Soutache necklace “Eastern Tale”
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Manufactured by: RIOLIS
Designed by: Anastasiya Yanovskaya
Collection: Create It Yourself
Product No: GSRC1412AC
Colors: 9
Chart: Color
Size: 0.79" x 3.15" (2 cm x 8 cm)
Instructions: eng, ger, fra, esp, ita, rus

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Product's description:

The kit contains soutache tape (1 kind), beads (6 kinds), metal fitments,ribbon (1 kind), felt (1 kind), a needle.

In addition you will need: yellow colour thread №40,pliers, glue,thimble,scissors.

Necklaces size: 8x6cm

Earrings size: 2x3.5cm


Discover new horizons of your image together with a new kit for creation a set of necklace and earrings 1412 AC Eastern Tale!
Weightless fabric with fancy ornaments, small embroidered shoes easily carrying the hostess, patterns of henna, rich aromas, sweet flavors are the temptations of Eastern Fairytale. Indispensable part of mysterious Oriental beauty image is bright and eye-catching jewelry which seems to have concentrated all spirit of the outfit.
Colorful beads shimmering in different colors is the main accent of the jewelry set “Eastern Tale”. It will complement and favorably match any –  even brightest summer – outfit of its owner.  Bright beads and ribbon, holding the necklace adds freshness and lightness. Soutache tape – of course – is golden. Golden is the color of wealth, luxury and aristocratic delicacy.

Fabric Marker Water Erasable White
Fabric Marker Water Erasable White
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Beauty by the Pond
Beauty by the Pond
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Deco Heart-Shaped Tree
Deco Heart-Shaped Tree
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