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Cross-stitching is not a simple amusement, it requires not only diligence and patience but also wish to work wonders – to embroider fantastic beautiful pictures that seem to come alive before your eyes. It is such an exciting activity one can’t tear away from, especially if high-quality materials are used in the work. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer of cross stitching kits plays an important role. RIOLIS is a leading craft and hobby manufacturer in Russia, producing over 1 million kits per annum. Since 1996, RIOLIS manufactures embroidery kits and creates its own, entirely original design developments on diverse subjects. Among them are patterns with a wide variety of colours and motifs including beautiful landscapes, flowers, amazing animal patterns and oriental designs.

Over the past thirteen years Riolis designers have created hundreds of cross stitch designs, including patterns for children and grownups in a wide variety of colors and motifs such as beautiful landscapes, flowers, amazing animal patterns as well as kits to create table napkins, cushions and many more.

Riolis unique designs of cross stitch kits are a perfect gift to those who want to make their home look beautiful.

RIOLIS owns several trademarks including “RIOLIS Premium”, “Create it yourself” which are widely known not only in Russia: our embroidery kits are available in 29 countries!

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  • Bright different subjects;
  • Colour symbol chart;
  • Guaranteed stock of threads and fabric;
  • Italian woolen/acrylic threads of bright colours;
  • Rich colour range of Anchor stranded cotton threads;
  • Organizer with thread samples;
  • Recommendations in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian.


The standard embroidery kit contains: colour symbol chart, fabric, coloured threads and an embroidery needle. More complicated models contain and organizer with yarn colour samples. The kit contains no frame. The catalogue contains information on size of the finished work for each model you can choose the frame according to.

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«RIOLIS Premium» – the unique collection of luxury limited edition cross-stitch kits.

  • Original author’s subjects;
  • Zweigart fabric;
  • Anchor stranded cotton threads;
  • Colour symbol chart;
  • Organizer with thread samples;
  • Combination of diverse techniques of embroidery;
  • Recommendations in 6 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.;
  • Gift wrapping;
  • Protection from opening – a holographic sticker.

«Create it yourself» - represents the largest collection of kits.

  • Different subjects;
  • High quality components (both of Russian and foreign manufacturers);
  • Colour symbol chart;
  • Combination of diverse techniques of embroidery;
  • Recommendations in 6 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and Italian;
  • Woolen/acrylic and Anchor stranded cotton threads;
  • Combination of diverse techniques of embroidery: counted cross, Gobelin stitch, embroidery ribbons, Holbein, «set»;
  • Protection from opening – a disposable sticky tape.


Package of kits from the collection «Create it yourself» differs in colours:

  • Beige background – kits for wool embroidery;
  • Burgundy background – kits for cotton threads embroidery;
  • Black background – kits with the available drawing of the background and partial embroidery cotton (threads).


«Happy Bee» - a great collection of a cross-stitch kits for beginners and children.


  • Affordable price;
  • Funny designs that are attractive to children;
  • Colour chart which makes stitching easy even for children;
  • Every kit contains the high quality materials that are needed to finish the picture: Zweigart Aida 14ct canvas, colour chart, woolen/acrylic or mouline threads and a needle with a blunt end;
  • Recommendations in 6 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and Italian;
  • Protection from opening – a disposable sticky tape.


  Cross-stitch kits Happy Bee are a great choice for Craft lessons at school as it is known that stitching:

  • Contributes to the development of artistic skills and creative thinking;
  • Helps to develop motor skills and perseverance;
  • Benefits the development of child's nervous system;
  • Gives positive emotions and sense of achievement.

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Most of Cross Stitch Kits created by RIOLIS contain woolen/acrylic threads. There is a certain reason why they are using woolen/acrylic threads as a basic material for their designs. Back to traditions and in accordance with their practical experience they have assured themselves of outstanding quality of this material.

As history says, that the first known embroideries were made with woolen threads. Ancient stitched ornaments were considered to protect the house from evil spirits and women also decorated clothes with it.

Woolen/acrylic threads are very smooth to the touch. It is easy to stitch even if you are inexperienced in such kind of handiwork, and stitches lay tight giving soft and matte surface.

Embroidery with woolen/acrylic threads looks more like 3D, than stranded cotton threads.

Different decorative elements with woolen embroidery make your house look stylish and cozy

The whole palette of dark colors of woolen/acrylic threads is very deep and saturated. So there are some designs such as animals and landscapes which look more attractive, vivid and very close to the original.

Here you can see the diffrent between stitching with using woolen/acrylic threads and with using cotton stranded therads:

with using woolen/acrylic threads with using stranded cotton threads

Woolen/acrylic threads as opposed to stranded cotton perfectly suits for working on 11 and below count fabric, so weak sight people as well as kids can also enjoy cross-stitching.

Modern technologies gave an opportunity to improve the quality of wool raw materials by adding acryl to woolen yarn. Our woolen/acrylic threads are more resistible to abrasion, better preserve the color and less allergenic.

RIOLIS cross-stitch kits with woolen/acrylic threads are loved very much by Russian embroidery fans. You will love it too!

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