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Red Currants
Red Currants
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Embroidered gifts-cards and miniatures

Needless to say, it’s very pleasant to get a card with warm greetings and wishes on any special occasion. What’s more pleasant, touching and thoughtful, however, is when this card is made especially for you and by someone who ...

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How to choose a cross-stitch kit

Nowadays, to start making embroidery, it is enough to buy a special cross-stitch kit in needlework stores.

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Why RIOLIS uses wool

Most of Cross Stitch Kits created by RIOLIS contain woolen/acrylic threads. There is a certain reason why they are using woolen/acrylic threads as a basic material for their designs.

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Meanings of the patterns that were stitched by crosses

Meanings of the patterns that were stitched by crosses

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Needlework anti-stress kits Embroidery therapy from RIOLIS

Needlework kits Embroidery therapy give you not only the freedom of creativity, but also the opportunity to choose a degree of freedom itself.

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For Well-Being
For Well-Being
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