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Some art forms are for life. They are worth treasuring. They are worth appreciating every time you see them. Embroidery is one such art form which manages to draw marvels for itself, every time you look at it.

Luca-S are committed to keep this art alive. They make sure that people stop to stare and exclaim in amazement at this beautiful piece of art.

Luca-S company takes pride in its rich portfolio which includes work for every taste and age. It doesn’t matter if you are a little girl looking for a Barbie design on your stitch kit or a retired person, who would prefer a more elegant and somber design. Now, either it embroidery kits, or the printed canvas or the frames, we have it all for you!

Luca-S products are manufactured using some of the highest quality products available which include Zweigart Canvas and Anchor threads. Canvas has special mark that makes the work of embroider more easily. Their main specialization is to design kits in such a manner that they will bring colors to life and make the finished art work look like an expert’s handwork, once you are finished working on it.

This specialization is achieved by employing the modern technologies which assure of the impeccable quality of the finished product. The color schemes employed by Luca-S in their paintings are carefully chosen by a team of in-house professional painters, thus ensuring that the final outcome of a finished cross-stitched kit will look nothing short of an art marvel.

The only thing constant in this world is change. Keeping the changing trends in mind, Luca-S invest in portfolio optimization and come up with a brand new catalogue on annual basis. This catalogue comprises all our new works and designs, which will satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning of the customers. Their unique technological process of unwinding the floss sets is yet another of their “know how”, it is an achievement that very few of Luca-S rivals have been able to achieve.

A single look at Luca-S dense catalogue will leave you with a hard choice. Right from having a wide range of colors, fabrics and widths to having access to the apt size of kits priced at the most reasonable prices, Luca-S offers it all.

When working on Luca-S cross stitch kits, let your imagination run wild. It is quite possible that you would surprise yourself at how good creative craftsmen you can be. After all, it is hard to avoid excellence, especially when you have something as interesting as cross stitch kits from Luca-S at your aid!