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Meanings of the patterns that were stitched by crosses
Sky Anemone ANEMONES - a symbol of sincerity

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Asters ASTERS - a symbol of tenderness and love

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Asters BAMBOO - a symbol of success and longevity. Bamboo is one of the main symbols of Feng Shui, it is flexible, strong and constantly moving up in its growth

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Still Life on Background of Nature BASKET OF FRUITS AND BERRIES - brings abundance to the house, if you hang the picture in the kitchen

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  BAT - bats bring happiness, embroidered with five bats will bring to the house of the 5 main benefits: life to the end as it is intended fate, virtue, health, wealth and longevity


Legend of the Fall- Grizzly   BEAR - a person, the embroidery was stitched for, will get courage and strength     Click HERE to select Bears


Little Bee   BEE - brings success in such areas as trade, art, science, and gives diligence     Click HERE to select Bees


Sailing Boat   BOAT - a symbol of hope, security and success in business     Click HERE to select Boats


BULL - symbol of strength, reliability, sustainability and stability     Click HERE to select Bulls

Nymphalidae Butterfly   BUTTERFLIES - bring love and joy; two butterflies flitting on the wall or if they flyt into the house - bring marital happiness     Click HERE to select Buttrflies


Wikov   CAR - a very effective way to attract the car, you can embroider any model     Click HERE to select Cars


CARPS - will help to attract wealth, especially if it is 9 carps; two carps is a harmonious union between a man and a woman     Click HERE to select carps


The Oude Kerk and St.Nicolaaskerk, Amsterdam   CITY and COUNTRY - attracting travels     Click HERE to select Cities and Countries


The First Date   CHILDREN- any embroidery depicting toddlers and kids to help get pregnant     Click HERE to select Children


Bouquet Of Chrysanthemums   CHRYSANTHEMUMS - are one of the strong symbols of money luck     Click HERE to select Chrysanthemums


Cranes   CRANE - a symbol of longevity and health; cranes under a pine tree - is also a popular symbol of longevity     Click HERE to select Cranes


Deer   DEER - contributes to the growth of your career     Click HERE to select Deers


German Shepherds;   DOG - a symbol of reliable protection, popular probably worldwide     Click HERE to select Dogs


Dolphins   DOLPHIN - symbolizes safety, hope and human dignity     Click HERE to select Dolphins


Dragon   DRAGON - will bring you luck and success in business     Click HERE to select Dragons


Postcard - Rose   DRAGONFLY - symbolizes the elegance and is very god for girls who want to become more feminine     Click HERE to select Dragonflies


Free Fall   EAGLE that is soaring in the sky helps to climb the corporate ladder     Click HERE to select Eadles


The Elephants In The Savannah   ELEPHANT - symbolizes the insight, strength and authority     Click HERE to select Elephants


FAN - a fan protects man and his house from adversity     Click HERE to select Fans


Fish   FISH - fish in the home or workplace will bring good development in financial matters     Click HERE to select Fishes


FIRE - activates the fiery energy; you can embroider fire, fireplace, hearth, a candle, and put it is necessary in the eastern sector     Click HERE to select iamegs with Fire


Giraffes   GIRAFFE - symbolizes wealth, so embroider and giraffes too!     Click HERE to select Giraffes


GOLDFISH - attract success in business and affairs that connected with money     Click HERE to select Goldfishes


Still Life With Grapes   GRAPES - symbolizes joy and abundance     Click HERE to select Grapes


GRENADES - for those who want a large number of offspring, will help them to acquire     Click HERE to select Grenades


Freckles   GOOSE - a symbol of fidelity in marriage and faith     Click HERE to select Geese


Common Heron   HERON - symbolizes longevity and loyalty     Click HERE to select Herons


Andalusian Character   HORSE - helps to find a high-paying and desired job; it is a symbol of speed and endurance; also symbolizes the favorable changes in life; image with horses which is embroidered for a child, draws rapid development of the child, his  endurance, strength, perseverance and speed; so probably every kid needs an image with horses      Click HERE to select Horses
Luckily   HORSESHOE - a symbol of good luck and prosperity     Click HERE to select Horseshoes

Mill in the Forest   HOUSES - attracts real estate; working all houses without exception, however, desirable that the smoke coming out of the pipe and lights in the windows     Click HERE to select Houses


The Hummingbird   HUMMINGBIRD  - a small bird helps to acquire joy in your life     Click HERE to select Hummingbirds


Icon of Kazan Mother of God   ICONS AND IMAGES OF SAINTS AND ANGELS - symbol of aid     Click HERE to select Icons and images of Saints and Angels


Flowers In Pink   IRISES - symbolize hope and faith in a better     Click HERE to select Irises


The Kingfisher   KINGFISHER - symbolizes fidelity, nobility and elegance     Click HERE to select Kingfiser


A Cool Place   LANDSCAPES - pictures with views of nature should be placed behind of the workplace, in this case they will attract good income; do not forget that the landscape should be debonair, flowering, redolent     Click HERE to select Landscapes


King of Beasts   LION - is the protector of homes and other public buildings, as well as a symbol of courage and energy     Click HERE to select Lions


Leopard   LEOPARD - a symbol of courage     Click HERE to select Leopards


Lilacs after the Rain   LILAC - imparts beauty     Click HERE to select Lilacs


Lilies   LILIES - yellow lilies symbolize gratitude, white purity     Click HERE to select Lilies


Lily Of The Valley   LILY OF THE VALLEY - a symbol of humility and submissiveness     Click HERE to select Lily of the Valley


Lotuses   LOTUS -  brings to the house of  fecundity and spiritual elegance, perfection     Click HERE to select Lotuses


Magnolia   MAGNOLIA - a symbol of dignity     Click HERE to select Magnolias

Tree of Money   MONEY TREE - when it comes to embroidery, it should not be be Crassula, most importantly, that it is sturdy, strong and beautiful tree. In addition, it is necessary to observe certain rules for embroidery, so that it brings in money. If you are embroidering coins - it should be 9 units or any other odd number, and they must be Chinese, those that with holes in the middle. Based on Feng Shui, the best place to hang such embroidery is a against of the front door.      Click HERE to select Money Trees


A Small Monkey II   MONKEY - attracts to you acumen, cunning and originality of thought; such embroidery is very suitable for creative people     Click HERE to select Monkeys


Alpstein Mountain   MOUNTAIN - the mountain, as well as the fan is to protect the house, as well as help and support     Click HERE to select Mountains


Twine Of Narcissus   NARCISSUS - daffodil yellow is a symbol of respect     Click HERE to select Narcissus


Still Life with Oranges   ORANGES - symbolize  abundance     Click HERE to select Oranges


Orchids Cymbidium   ORCHIDS - a symbol of refined beauty and perfection, one of the very strong signs in Feng Shui     Click HERE to select Orchids


Eagle Owl   OWL - will save you from imprudent spending money; owls give wisdom, erudition and reputation     Click HERE to select Owls


Arab Horses   PAIRS OF ANIMALS, BIRDS, FLOWERS - attracts love and harmony in the family; typically it is wolves, ducks, mandarin duck, storks, cranes, pigeons     Click HERE to select pairs of Animals, Birds, Flowers


Foxtrot   PAIRS OF PEOPLE ON THE MOVE - a symbol of loyalty and love; however, it should be movement, dance or kiss.     Click HERE to select Pairs of People on the Move


Palm Leaves II   PALM TREE - a symbol of victory     Click HERE to select Palm Trees


Basket of Pansies   PANSIES - symbolize happiness     Click HERE to select Pansies


White Cockatoo   PARROT - symbolizes good memory, friends and cheerful character     Click HERE to select Parrots


Basket with Strawberries   PEACHES - symbolizes good health     Click HERE to select Peaches


Peacocks   PEACOCKS - attract success and good luck     Click HERE to select Peacocks


Pink Peonies   PEONIES - attracts love and marriage; one very effective way to bring a loved one and have a family.      Click HERE to select Peonies


Fruit Series: Persimmon   PERSIMMON - the symbol of joy and health and longevity     Click HERE to select Persimmon

Pigeon   PIGEONS - pigeons with embroidery will attract fidelity, friendship and love. Also, pigeons symbolize pure love and meekness     Click HERE to select Pegions


PHOENIX - helps to be a successful, famous, give prosperity energy; for the same purpose you can embroider rooster; also, phoenix helps to conceive to childless couples; in Feng Shui phoenix paired with a dragon used at weddings to bring happiness in marriage and healthy children     Click HERE to select


Japanese Tree   PINE - this tree attracts to your home dedication, loyalty and long life     Click HERE to select Pine


Poppy Field   POPPIES (as well as fields with poppies and other flowers ) - contribute to male power     Click HERE to select Popies


QUINCE - a happy marriage and fertility     Click HERE to select

Rabbit And Butter   RABBIT - a symbol of longevity, abundance in the house, sensitivity     Click HERE to select Rabbits
RAT - in spite of its unsightly appearance, will bring you into the house well-being, prosperity and wealth     Click HERE to select

RAVEN - a symbol of fidelity and marriage     Click HERE to select


RINGS - if it is gold and wedding rings - acceleration of wedding     Click HERE to select


Tea Roses   ROSE - red rose is a true and passionate love; pink and white symbolizes purity of thought; rose, which has no thorns on an embroidery means love at first sight     Click HERE to select Roses


Sailing Vessel I   SAILING VESSEL- in contrast to the house, which can be any, sailboat or ship should look like a reliable and trustworthy, in this case it will attract good luck in business; place the picture in the area of wealth or it should pop-up to the apartment (eg front door)     Click HERE to select Sailing Vessels


Branch of Sakura   SAKURA - the branches and cherry trees attract into your home update, youth, beauty, love and luck     Click HERE to select Sakura


New Year's Serpent Dragon SNAKE - it is associated with a profound knowledge and wisdom, as well as updating and movement     Click HERE to select Snakes


Magic star   STAR - the symbol of eternity and happiness     Click HERE to select Stars


STORK - longevity and happy old age     Click HERE to select


Good Morning   SUN - is the truth, abundance and foreknowledge     Click HERE to select Sun


Hot Summer   SUNFLOWERS- a symbol of prosperity, health, and solar energy     Click HERE to select Sunflowers


Two Birds I   SWALLOWS - birds that bring wealth and success in all endeavors     Click HERE to select Swallows


The Swan   SWANS - swans is a symbol of fidelity, purity, beauty and grace     Click HERE to select Swans


THRUSH - bird thrush will bring into your home the joy and happiness, as well as the creative possibilities     Click HERE to select


Tiger   TIGER - a symbol of power and strength; also it is being the defender from bad spirits     Click HERE to select Tigers


TINKERBELL - attracts true love     Click HERE to select


A Small Toad   TOAD - three-legged with a coin in the mouth is one of the most powerful talismans to attract money     Click HERE to select Toads


TREE - a symbol of longevity. Read more about the money tree. To attract wealth, you can embroider any tree     Click HERE to select


Charming Red   TULIPS - yellow tulips to wish happiness in love; red tulips attract a good luck     Click HERE to select Tulips


Turtle   TURTLE- turtle is a symbol of faithful and consistent advancing in the affairs; turtle is one of the most powerful aides in a career, attracts money and the wisdom of their earning; the picture with turtle should be placed in a career area in the north or in the workplace behind you     Click HERE to select Turtles


The Unicorn   UNICORN - attracts a quick marriage     Click HERE to select Unicorns


VASE - to vases attract wealth, they must be filled     Click HERE to select


Blue Tits and Violets   VIOLET -  violet flowers are the symbol of virtue and fidelity, blooming purple violets are to attract money     Click HERE to select Violies


WATER - all that is connected with water (waterfalls, seas, rivers, oceans, ponds, aquarium, swimming pools) is very good to put them in the north, but they can not be used in the bedroom     Click HERE to select


Landscape With Waterfall   WATERFALL - at the correct location based on Feng Shui attracts you good luck in the house     Click HERE to select Waterfalls


The Zebras In The Savannah   ZEBRA - will help maintain calm in any situation     Click HERE to select Zebras