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RTO cross stitch kits manufactory is a very well organized enterprise where all the workers are high-skilled specialists and work as a real team. Each process of the kits production is running smoothly due to understanding and interchangeability between the workers. This professional team works hard creating high-quality, artistic cross stitch designs and packaging of the kits. The main features of each RTO kit are attractive design and accessible counted cross stitch chart.


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Each kit includes;

  • DMC threads (100% cotton, France) sorted in skeins;
  • special embroidery needle (England);
  • Aida fabric, mesh 14, 16 or 18 white or colour (if the background in the picture is coloured, it means, that onside the kit there is fabric of he shown colour: beige, grey, black, blue and etc.);
  • cross stitch chart (with symbols or colored) with instructions in English and Russian;
  • colour front sheet in English and Russian.

Besides the main components a lot of kits include extra details to finish or decorate the stitched work: Aida fabric with printed background, clock mechanisms with hands, postcards, buttons; beads, rhinestones, ribbons, toys, frames, key chains, filling for toys and more.

For each cross stitch design in the catalogue the type of fabric is specified under the image:

  • Aida 14 = 55 squares in 10 cm
  • Aida 16 = 62 squares in 10 cm
  • Aida 18 = 70 squares in 10 cm

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RTO skilled designers, who create cross stitch charts, think out every line and every stitch, so that everything is in its place. It is pure pleasure to stitch using these charts.

Each chart is checked very thoroughly - it is stitched twice or sometimes even thrice under control of the designer. At each stage the designer analyzes the stitching in detail: are the shades of the threads and fabric chosen correctly? Do we need to remove or add anything? What additional types of stitches should be used? Only when the results are close to the desired, the chart is ready for production.

In their new catalogue 2011 they present new cross stitch kits, which they believe will become popular and interesting for a lot of cross stitch fans. Here you will find traditional designs: flowers, landscapes, animals, along with some new themes: a series of designs with glamorous women, new cross stitch kits with clock, post cards and decorative elements.

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 RTO cross stitch collection includes kits of different levels of complexity, ranging from simple and fun to more sophisticated designs, and a lot of designs with "incomplete" stitching, where the main object is stitched fully, but the background is stitched slightly in 1-2 strands. There are also more complicated designs for the most experienced and skilled stitchers.

The kits are thoroughly completed so that the stitcher won't lack for the threads if the instructions are followed carefully. The necessary quantity of threads for each kit is determined after test stitching and adding about 30 per cent reserve to the normal thread usage. All the kits are completed manually. On the back of the packaging you can see the threads, Aida fabric and the chart.

Control and quality checks are performed at all the stages of production. In our kits we use only DMC floss - this is the best floss in the world of needlework. In accordance with European standards our kits are supplied with bilingual front sheets and instructions in Russian and English languages.

The colorful front sheet has the image of the ready-made design on it to show what it should look like after stitching. We never replace the floss colors.

Such kits as "Cross stitch with clock", "Cross stitch with the decoration", "Cross stitch with key ring" can become good souvenirs and presents which will bring joy to whoever you give them. The collection "Cross stitching together" can inspire both adults and children: for example, a mother or a grandmother finishes the cross stitch and a child can decorate it with buttons, or help to put it in the original frame, which is supplied with the kit.

Kits from "White Collection", "Mother's heart" include a cozy, soft, snowy white toy with a small heart decorated with laces and embroidery, which symbolizes care, love and maternal warmth.

They also offer kits, where part of the design is printed on Aida fabric, as a background, and the rest is stitched over the print which makes the cross stitch more expressive and outstanding.

Everyone can find what he likes in RTO cross stitch collection, what will bring him joy and fun.

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