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Lanarte catalogue 2013-2014


Lanarte latest embroidery catalogue offers you a summary of Lanarte’s latest and classical Embroidery designs. The full-colour catalogue includes pages with wonderful embroidery images. The designs are arranged in categories, so that you can find desired image easily.

With more than 50 new articles, are Lanarte themes largely renewed! When designing an embroidery kit, Lanarte do this with care and a skilful eye for details, so to bring the design to life. The design takes on form in your hands and as you progress, you will find an artwork which you can justifiably be proud.

Turn the pages of Lanarte new catalogue, enjoy the designs and let yourself be inspired. Whichever design you choose, our beautiful embroidery creation will give you many hours of enjoyment. For Lanarte whole collection, visit our online catalogue here.