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Lanarte - New Colours In Logo and New Packaging


New logo: back to the roots

“LanArte”, the Art of Stitching! “Lana” stands for “wool” in Italian, and “Arte” for “art”. It all started  80 years ago with a design, some woollen threads and a piece of embroidering fabric. These “secret” ingredients were beautifully translated into an embroidery kit that one day would become a stitched piece of art.


New brand colours
The sale of the company to the Belgian Verachtert group in 2011 has changed the Dutch identity of the brand which has become a combination of two countries. Chocolate brown refers to the luxury of the Belgian chocolates. Orange has been for ages the colour of The Netherlands.



New packaging
Starting from this collection all new designs will be packed in chocolate brown boxes. All kit contents are carefully packed in silk orange paper. It is not just a packaging but an introduction to the amazing world of craft.