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RIOLIS #1703 Assisi embroidery
Posted on: 2019-02-10

The ancient city in the center of Italy at the slope of Monte Subasio keeps many secrets and traditions. Since ancient times people know about this place. In the Middle Ages, in the XIII century, the construction of a monastery in honor of St. Francis of Assisi began in the city. Famous artist Giotto decorated the walls inside the cathedral with his paintings. According to legend, after the end of construction, one nun copied his frescoes, simplifying plots with primitive lines. And then, in her simple drawings, they created an embroidery with the faces of saints. According to another version, St. Francis brought fabric with Arabic embroidery from the Crusade, and Italian craftswomen tried to repeat the oriental ornaments on the patterns. 
By the way, the name of Assisi embroidery received several centuries later, when people decided to revive the skill of local embroidery. 
The main feature of this type of embroidery is the use of stitches along the perimeter of the pattern. So while the background is filled with stitches, the pattern itself is obtained from a non-sewn space. 
RIOLIS continues to acquaint needlewomen with various techniques. We offer you the needlework kit 1703 Sea Horse. Here, an exquisite turquoise color fills the background, and luxurious sea and floral patterns appear in a result. Stitches frame the contour. Only three colors of Anchor threads are used on the canvas of 18 counts of Aida Zweigart in this work. 
You can arrange the work as a panel and as a table topper - our embroidery women as always could choose. ;) 

Needlework anti-stress kits Embroidery therapy from RIOLIS
Posted on: 2017-03-16
RIOLIS Anti stress therapy Lovely Flower RIOLIS Anti stress therapy Magic Feather  Magic Feather Bird of Luck
The idea
It started with adult coloring books. This simple activity has been reopened. It turned out that it is the best help in the solution of an important problem, which almost every adult confronts - struggling with stress. As you know, you can deal with stress in different ways. Creativity is not only one of the most valuable, but also one of the most effective ways. Checked!
One of the first adult colorings were performed in Zen art style, which itself involves a kind of creative meditation. RIOLIS decided to follow the exact direction. The bases of the designs were formed by Ekaterina Arkhipova who made her sketches in Zen art style.
RIOLIS offers a new version of anti-stress work. Embroiderers try to apply their skills in a new direction, and those who are accustomed to the traditional coloring, can try to discover new sides and highlight sketches with stitches.
Needlework kits Embroidery therapy give you not only the freedom of creativity, but also the opportunity to choose a degree of freedom itself.
Beginners among needlewomen or those who want to fully relax with embroidery will like the ability to make the work in strict accordance with the cover. The kits will suit experienced needlewomen.
The needlework kit contains
For needlewomen new series schemes seem a little bit unusual, as traditionally they help to make the work in accordance with the picture shown on the cover. Notational conventions look unusual and refer to the encyclopedia of stitches, also placed in the booklet. If you decide to bring your own ideas, the lines marked on the canvas will help you. They will serve as a reference point in your work.
The most interesting thing is that regardless of whether you are embroidering according to the scheme or not, the work will turn out unique! While preparing kits for release, we have embroidered it several times, and we can say that it is impossible to practically make the same picture two times.
The needlework kit has as usually all the necessary materials to make a picture as it is on the cover: wool/acrylic yarn Safil, even weaven fabric manufactured in Europe with printed pattern and a suitable needle. In order to create your own version of the designs use beads, rhinestones, buttons and threads from the remnants of other RIOLIS kits!
Enjoy your creativity!

RIOLIS kit #1629 Foxgloves
Posted on: 2017-03-11
RIOLIS Foxgloves
Perhaps, you don’t even know such flower – foxglove. Meanwhile, this plant not only looks effective as an embroidery, but also is very health-giving and exhausting. It was used as a curative in ancient times. Long time the substance, secreted from foxglove, was indispensable for treatment of cardiac failure. 
One more interesting fact is that Vincent Van Gogh had taken this medicine by prescription in his later years. There is a theory that this circumstance influenced artist’s color perception and gave an unusual palette of his paintings to the world.
The size of the embroidery was chosen uncommon for extraordinary flower – 19x90 cm. Design is not standard either. The kit has everything you need to stitch and enframe the work as shown on the cover: two wooden hangers and a detailed explanation of edge processing technology in instruction.
Embroidery is done by several kinds of half-wool threads Safil stitch on black canvas 14 ct Aida Zweigart. Especially, it is mentioned that the work also implies the use of combined stitches. The color chart is shown enlarged on three sheets. Traditionally, needle is also included in the kit.
 RIOLIS Foxgloves RIOLIS Foxgloves RIOLIS Foxgloves



Secret Stitch Along 2017
Posted on: 2017-03-08



Vervaco first Secret Stitch Along 2016 has been a great success with over 1300 participants in more than 25 countries. Therefore Vervaco is organizing a second edition in 2017. The idea behind the Secret Stitch Along is that you buy a kit without knowing which design you are going to make. After  buying the kit you get access to the Secret Stitch Along 2017 Facebook group in which you can share your experiences and ask questions to other participants and the Vervaco designers. Starting from April 21st, Vervaco will share a piece of the pattern weekly in the Secret Stitch Along 2017 Facebook group and via email. The pattern will be released and completed over 10 weeks. When all 10 parts of the pattern are finished, you will have a beautiful counted cross stitch kit.  

What is the Secret Stitch Along 2017 and why participate?
  • Be the first to finish a beautiful Vervaco counted cross stitch kit that will only be released in June 2017.
  • All materials in the kit are absolute top quality: the kit includes DMC yarn and Zweigart fabric.
  • Starting from April 21st, a piece of the pattern will be shared weekly in the Secret Stitch Along 2017 Facebook group and via email. The pattern will be released and completed over 10 weeks.
  • You get access to the Secret Stitch Along 2017 group in which you can share your experiences and ask questions to other participants and the designers
  • Finished measurements of the counted cross stitch kit: ca. 24x35 cm (9,6x14 inch)

You can purchase Secret Stitch Along 2017 here.


There is a special Facebook group where the announcements are to follow.


New RIOLIS catalogue 2017
Posted on: 2017-01-06


Welcome to the new RIOLIS Catalogue 2017. Here you will find a lot of novelties along with the ones you already know.RIOLIS artists are developing amazing designs of the high standards required by the RIOLIS company and every year RIOLIS is striving  to surprise you with something new.

In the beginning of the catalogue (pages marked “Coming in 2017”) there are new kits that will be issued in the beginning of year 2017.



View RIOLIS 2017 catalog ONLINE

View RIOLIS products


RT-0050 Cross-stitch with poppies and peonies Oriental Bouquet
Posted on: 2016-10-16
According to Feng Shui tradition peonies and poppies are considered to be kings of plants and flowers in the Eastern cultures. It's hard to argue with this idea when you witness the beauty of the cross-stitch kit with a pre-printed background 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet. Keeping such plants in one's house is said to bring well-being in many areas of life. Of course you can't grow peopies or poppies in an apartment, but you can embroider those magnificent flowers to the benefit of your household.
Bright and rich color of poppies associates with passion and love.
By the eastern tradition, which pays immense respect to this flower, peony helps not only find your true romantic love, but also mend complicated relationships between spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters. Sometimes a person feel that precious connection with their loved ones is lost forever. Bright color of these magical flowers like a fiery impulse will help find way to the loved one's heart.
Also Oriental Bouquet cross-stitch kit  holds all the pleasant blessings for girls and brides. Poppies are said to conceive a child. There is a belief in the embroidery community that a girl who starts cross-stitching a poppy picture, will soon be with a child.  In China poppies were symbols of a good wedding and a happy life for newlyweds. So this embroidery can also be used as a great wedding present!
Please note that cross-stitch kit 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet contains a piece of fabric with a pre-printed background. Semi-transparent outline of mountains and the background rows of leaves are already printed on the fabric with manufacturer's own equipment, so RIOLIS guarantees the quality of the print. An embroidery on such a fabric (14 ct Aida Zweigart) appears more volumnous and expressive, though the actual techniques used in the kit are pretty easy: a 3-thread cross-stitch and an ordinary 1-thread stitch. The design uses 17 colors of Anchor-stranded mouline threads (including color blends). A detailed instruction will help with this unusual fabric or explain all the nuances of embroidery to a novice in the needlework world.  


Watch a new film about RIOLIS!
Posted on: 2016-01-18

Vervaco-I Stitch-label
Posted on: 2016-01-17


As a long existing brand Vervaco is convinced that it is necessary to emphasise the quality they deliver. Therefore starting from 2015 year the majority of the kits will contain the Vervaco-I Stitch-label. This label stands for Vervaco quality and is an absolute advantage for their needlework kits.



Which products will carry the Vervaco –label?

  • All cushions (cross stitch, long stitch, latch hook, embroidery cushions, draft stoppers, deco cushions)
  • All rugs and wall-hangings (cross stitch, latch hook)
  • All table cloths, runners and doilies (printed, aida)
  • Prefinished items like towels, potholders, toilet roll paper holders.
  • Counted cross stitch kits with the embroidering hoops
  • Height charts


New RIOLIS catalogue 2016
Posted on: 2015-12-23


Welcome to the new RIOLIS Catalogue 2016.

As usual, you will find some more vivid pictures stitched with wool/acrylic yarn Safil of all your favorite themes – cute animals, flowers and plants that seem to have a real volume. RIOLIS is famous not only for its woolen yarns. The designs with traditional high-quality stranded cotton threads Anchor will also draw your attention for sure.

All novelties are marked “Coming in 2016” that in the first pages of the catalogue. We will have these kits in the first half of 2016.



View RIOLIS 2016 catalog ONLINE

View RIOLIS products


THE ART OF CROSS STITCH downloadable cross stitch patterns
Posted on: 2015-11-30
THE ART OF CROSS STITCH downloadable patterns are available now.


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