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Why RIOLIS uses wool

Most of Cross Stitch Kits created by RIOLIS contain woolen/acrylic threads. There is a certain reason why they are using woolen/acrylic threads as a basic material for their designs. Back to traditions and know by experience they have made sure in amazing quality of this material.

As history says, that the first known embroideries were made with woolen threads. Ancient stitched ornaments were considered to protect the house from evil spirits and women also decorated clothes with it.

Woolen/acrylic threads are very smooth to the touch. It is easy to stitch even if you are inexperienced in such kind of handiwork, and stitches lay tight giving soft and matte surface.

Embroidery with woolen/acrylic threads looks more like 3D, than stranded cotton threads.

Different decorative elements with woolen embroidery make your house look stylish and cozy

The whole palette of dark colors of woolen/acrylic threads is very deep and saturated. So there are some designs like animals, landscapes which look more attractive, vivid and very close to the original.

Here you can see the difference between stitching with using woolen/acrylic threads and with using cotton stranded threads:

with using woolen/acrylic threads with using stranded cotton threads

Woolen/acrylic threads as opposed to stranded cotton perfectly suits for working on 11 and below count fabric, so weak sight people as well as kids can also enjoy cross-stitching.

Modern technologies gave an opportunity to improve the quality of wool raw materials adding acryl to woolen yarn. Our woolen/acrylic threads are more resistible to abrasion, better preserve the color and less allergenic.

RIOLIS cross-stitch kits with woolen/acrylic threads are loved very much by Russian embroidery fans. You will love it too!

The general RIOLIS woolen/Acrylic thread characteristics:

  • Package of 10 skeins by 21.9 yards (20 meters) each
  • A  superior quality, non-divisible wool used primarily for needlepoint, due to its durability and colorfastness
  • The 21.9 yard (20 meters) skein is available in an extensive range of 153 colors.
  • The optimum compound of 30 % wool and 70 % acrylic gives an effect of volumetric embroidery
  • Easy stitching as with floss
  • Great for stitching on Aida 14 in one thread
  • Hypoallergenic

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