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Icon of Kazan Mother of God
Icon of Kazan Mother of God

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Manufactured by: Luca-S
Product No: GSLG0436
Fabric: Pointstitch Canvas Zweigart
Threads: Floss Anchor
Colors: 32
Chart: Black & White
Technique: Counted Petit-Point
Size: 8.66" x 7.09" (22 cm x 18 cm)
Instructions: eng, rom, rus

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Religion - Icons

Product's description:

The kit contains fabric for the work, cotton floss Anchor & thread sorter, a needle for embroidery, an instruction and a chart. Frame is not included.

The most respected icon in the Orthodox Church, Our Lady of Kazan is the patroness of the entire nation, who helps in all troubled times. The icon is present at all major events in people's lives, beginning with baptism. It gives blessing to the marriage. It also assists in work. This icon stops the fire, heals, blindness, and saves from enemy attacks. People pray before this icon for help with any everyday issues, like family well-being and happiness. Often it is hanged near baby cots. Icon of Our Lady of Kazan can be found in almost every church and in every family of the believers. During the reign of the Romanov dynasty, this icon was one of the most important and holiest, and was considered the patron of the dynasty.


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